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I swear, one of these days I will be able to make enough progress on enough things to get some time to just read!

Everyone here is doing well and nothing much is different since the last update I posted.  Little Miss Aurora is growing like a weed and into everything!  Our two cuties are still keeping me on my toes around here and I am getting nibbles from what little advertising I’ve done for the new business.  I hate marketing … so of course that translates to doing what I can online and with posters and such.

Eventually word of mouth will get things moving faster but that will be a ways down the road … which is actually fine with me as I’ve actually gotten a little time to try and get a handle on the chaos that is our house.  After 5 years of being neglected, there’s been a lot that needed to be reorganized around here.

One of the new additions to my time management challenge is that I’ve started a blog for the Reiki business. I’m hoping that may get me a little additional visibility, but that also means that I need to post there a lot more frequently than I have been here … I still can’t believe I couldn’t manage more than 5 posts last year!

It seems that almost anything to do with work lately means lots of time on the computer … and not much of it just for fun.  Anyway, so far I’ve got a few posts on the new blog, most of them material I’ve already posted here (why not grab stuff I’ve already done, right?).  Feel free to wander over if you wish:  Healing Through Balance  If I have some new material that gets posted there that I think folks here might find interesting, I’ll repost here for those who don’t want to keep up with yet another blog.

For now, I think I need to wrap things up and head to bed … just realized it’s almost 3am.  Whoops!

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