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It occurred to me the other day that I haven’t yet shared the videos of our cutie pies with my blog family. My bad!

The girls will have been with us a year this week … we picked Samira up on Halloween last year, and Phoebe came home 3 days later. The first couple of months was a little more exciting than we’d have liked, but the two are now best buddies.

At the risk of sending you all into sugar shock, here are some of the videos I’ve taken of the two girls that I have posted on YouTube. Pictures are nice, but the videos give a better “feel” for just how well these two get along.

This first one is the most recent, taken near the end of September this year. Most of their wrestling matches are about like this, though some are a little more exciting if Samira winds Phoebe’s spring up first. (Samira is definitely the dominant critter in the house) Note what a little stinker she is … she bites Phoebe’s legs several times here, which is usually how she’ll initiate play with Phoebe. Phoebe will stand over Samira (and does several times in this video) to see if she wants to play … if Sami bites a leg, the game is on!

This one is my favorite. It was taken near the beginning of this year (in February) after the girls had been with us about 4 months. This is a game of hide and seek using a shipping box that I’d unpacked a little earlier in the evening. When Phoebe saw Samira playing inside, she decided to go inside too … and the games were on! This went on for a couple of hours. Right up until bedtime that night.

I took this one for our vet. I keep telling her about Samira growling at Phoebe over veggies and how it makes us both laugh. She’s worse with meat or cheese, but I still shake my head that she likes black olives and cranberries so much. Her growls are most obvious in the middle segment, with the black olives.

I have a couple of other videos there on YouTube … if you aren’t already sick of them and want more, my page there is Dragonfae’s Videos.

Happy Halloween to all … and a happy Almost-Friday. πŸ™‚

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