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No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet (though at times it has felt like it over the past few weeks) and I’m still trying to get to caught up but that’s not happened yet. And Holy cow …who’d have thought I’d be looking forward to going to work in order to get some rest? Believe it or not, as stressful as work currently is, it is one of my “quiet places” right now.

In the past month or so, I’ve not felt much like getting engaged with pretty much anyone … between the new grandbaby’s arrival, Cindy’s passing, the work BS getting worse, and hubby undergoing a second surgery I’ve pretty much been on overload.

The kids and grandbaby are doing well and hubby’s second surgery seems to have been a success (finally!) so he’s happy that he can finally at least see out of his left eye and that the facial twitching is hugely reduced. Hopefully it will go away completely over time. There’s not much I can do about work right now … it just flat sucks. Though I do have minions now. It only took pointing out to the twits I work for just how much is needed between now and February.

As if that all weren’t enough, we picked up little Miss Samira on Halloween. Man is she a kick and a half! She’s super cute which is good for her since she’s obnoxiously bossy. She loves to be with her people especially if a nap in a lap is available, but she hates to be held. We took her to the vet two days after we got her and she had a fit while I was holding her in the reception area after her checkup. I don’t do crates and had her on a harness and leash (she does great with them) but was holding her while waiting to pay. She wouldn’t shut up … kept yelling in my ear! I put her on the counter and she still kept yelling. I finally set her on the floor and she happily wandered around the entire area. Such a goofy cat.

A week or so prior to picking Samira up from the breeder, I stumbled across a pup I thought might be a good fit for us. I’d been checking Border Collie rescue sites online for a couple of weeks, not doing any super serious looking but wanting to get another dog sooner rather than later. Anyway, I found a little girl at a local German Shepherd rescue. They thought that she’s a Shepherd/Border Collie mix … I’m positive that she’s Border Collie with a little shepherd. What was odd was that the folks at the rescue kept trying to talk me out of taking her. Yeah, she’s a bit younger than I was looking for (she’s 6 or 7 months old) but I really wanted to meet her.

During one of our conversations, the gal I was talking to said something about her getting “kicked out” of her foster home, I guess thinking that would scare me off. I asked what she’d done to get “kicked out” and was told that she was bothering the dog that lived in the home and then got destructive. Um, duh … she’s a puppy and wanted to play, probably got yelled at by foster mom and was acting out because she really didn’t do anything wrong. Hell, I’d act out too. Of course now that we know she’s got a lot of Border Collie in her, that makes even more sense … you can’t train a BC the way you train a German Shepherd. It just doesn’t work.

The Saturday after we picked up Samira we went to the rescue to meet her … and brought her home. She’s about 34 pounds and we think she’ll probably top out around 45 or 50 pounds … smaller and more petite than Cindy was. And such a little doll! She’s very sweet and wants to please so training her is going to be really easy. We’re currently working on manners around people and other animals and she’s already showing a huge improvement.

She’s got a bit of an attachment issue. Then again who wouldn’t with what she’s been through … the rescue found her at a shelter, then fostered her out, only to have foster mom be upset and send her back to the rescue. When we picked her up she’d been back in the kennels a week or so. Poor baby! Even so, she’s only chewed up one thing so far (while we were at work) and I haven’t puppy proofed the house at all. I totally expected a complete disaster at home after our first day leaving her alone while we were at work but there was just the one thing. Nothing at all on the second day she was home alone though there were a few things she’d “moved”. I think she just needed someone who understands how to “talk” to her to help her learn.

She and Samira should eventually get along fine. We’ve pretty much got her to where she understands “calm” and “gentle” with regard to Samira (though she isn’t convinced that Sami isn’t playing when she hisses and swats at her face). Samira is learning too … she seems determined to “own” the entire house but has figured out that the new pup isn’t trying to hurt her, nor is she going to leave. We ended up getting a pet gate to keep them apart in order to go to work … even though there isn’t any intent to harm, Phoebe (the new pup) is 10 times Samira’s size and she’s still a puppy so she gets a little over excited at times and the potential is there for her to hurt Sami accidentally. But when we’re home and they’re both out, they’re doing really well together. Sami is even showing signs of wanting to try and play with Phoebe.

So … our boring, quiet home life is now energized by these two youngsters! Even the folks at the vets office thought we were nuts to have both a kitten and a puppy at the same time. Hell, at times I think I’m nuts. LOL But both girls are super smart and total love bugs. I look forward to the day when we don’t need a gate to separate the house to maintain the safety of both of them.

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