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Holy cow I’m pooped. It’s been one crazy day, but a really good day.

First the biggest news … Miss Aurora is finally here! A full week past her “due date” the little stinker finally showed up. So hubby and I are now officially grandparents. Wheee! At the kids’ request, we hung around after everyone else left and we each got to spend a little time holding her. Hubby was too cute. Having adopted Darling Daughter, he’d never held a newborn before. Once he got over the fear of doing some sort of damage, the awe on his face was a reminder of how I felt holding DD the first time almost 30 years ago. Here’s a cell phone picture son-in-law sent me less than an hour after her arrival:

Because the pup is on the meds to prevent seizures, she needs to take potty breaks at shorter intervals than we’re used to dealing with. So we had to make a trip home mid-day to make sure the poor thing didn’t have an accident in the house. She did great … made it 6 hours at a shot today (a huge plus after needing to go every two hours a couple of weeks ago). Fortunately during the actual delivery and the first two hours after, no one but daddy is allowed in the room with mom so skipping out and away from the hospital for a bit wasn’t a big deal.

As if all that wasn’t enough, we had made arrangements to go meet a new critter that will soon be coming to live with us. Back in April I started corresponding with a Pixie Bob breeder, looking for a pal for Cindy to keep her company during the day. Another dog is out of the question and while I’ve had cats in the past sometimes their personalities are hit-or-miss and there’s nothing worse than having an animal living with you that you don’t get along with. I’d been looking at Pixie Bobs after talking to one of the guys at work who is interested in them. They’re cats, but they act more like dogs. They even take to walking on a leash or taking family vacations.

So we had an appointment set up for early afternoon to see the little girl I thought I wanted … and after visiting with DD in the morning, she agreed that it wasn’t an issue if we went and did that as opposed to sitting in a waiting room. I can’t pick her up until the end of October, but man … I’m in love! She’s a bit of a little stinker, but after being a bit fidgety, she settled down and fell asleep in my hand. We’re naming her Samira (Arabic for “entertaining companion”) and will probably call her Sami most of the time. I’m hoping she’ll boost Cindy’s mood a bit and she’ll definitely keep us on our toes! Here are a couple of shots the breeder sent me:

All in all a pretty good day. The kids should be able to take Aurora home tomorrow so we’ll be heading out for more visiting at their home. Can’t wait to get to the business of spoiling our little darling!

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