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I realized about the time we got back from our vacation that I never got around to posting some of our pictures from our trip to the Getty Museum in January.

While there is plenty of art at the museum (we could have spent several days exploring the place) the architecture of the buildings and surrounding grounds is just as amazing and captured our attention before ever setting foot inside. And the gardens … wow. We were there in January so a lot of the plants weren’t blooming but the walk through the gardens is worth the time and effort.

Most of the paintings we looked at were works from the Renaissance, Neoclassic, and Romantic periods but we didn’t take a lot of pictures. We were also treated to a discussion of ancient “illuminated” (illustrated) manuscripts and wandered through a hall with some textile pieces. It’s amazing what people were doing without the technology and equipment we have available today.

It was a nice day that hubby and I got to spend together, away from work. I’ve added some of the better pictures to the slideshow below … enjoy!

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