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Oh dear me, there is just so much going on right now! Yes dear friends, there are a lot of things keeping me occupied and away from posting, and more importantly reading all your blogs. I need to keep this one short as I need to get my butt to work, but wanted to toss up a quick post before I get sucked into the abyss.

Work has been a little insane lately and will be flat out hell starting tomorrow. Two weeks of “I’ll be really happy to be working less than 14 hour days” hell. Sigh. I got stuck doing an install (I generally only deal with moving the stuff that moves) because I’m really the only one who knows anything about this subsystem. Ick. Since we got back from vacation I’ve been madly trying to put together the instructions the crew will need to do the work … a task that I prefer to have 6 months or more to do but that I’ve barely been able to get to the last month or so. And we start in earnest tomorrow so I’ll likely be unable to do much on the ole computer. Hah, I’ll be surprised if I even turn it on for the next few weeks.

Miss Aurora is due to grace us with her presence any time now. The “official” due date is somewhere between September 5 and September 8 but even that is plus-or-minus two weeks. Darling Daughter is hoping for sooner, I’m just hoping she shows up well enough into the work mess that I can take off for a week without feeling guilty over leaving my young helper in a lurch.

Cindy had her last appointment with the oncologist a few weeks ago and has been released … it’s been two years since her radiation treatments and she’s still cancer free! I’m guessing she is one of his first “geriatric” patients because he’d made a comment when we were there to the effect of having had doubts that she’d still be around after two years. Phhttt. Dude, I know my dog and she’s not ready to give up yet. She’s a lot like her mom … too stubborn to listen to the nay-sayers and determined to prove them all wrong.

Hubby is still having issues with the facial spasms and has decided to have a second surgery. He says it’s now worse than it was before the surgery and thinks they may have identified the wrong blood vessel to wrap. I’m not at all happy about this but understand the desire to correct the problem. Sadly, there really aren’t any other options so in early October he’ll be heading to Cedars again. At least we can plan that for a calm period at work for both of us.

As for me, I’ve been working on my second level Reiki training and finish that up this week. I still need to do a post on our vacation and I’ve got a few pictures to share from our trip, but that will have to wait a little while yet. Oh, I also need to do a post for an award I was graced with in late July and I haven’t forgotten the trip we made to the Getty in January. So much to do, so little time right? For now though, I need to disappear for a few more weeks. Until then, stay safe, stay cool, and have fun!

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