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Holy cow the weather has been a roller-coaster here! Silly me had to “suggest” to the-powers-that-be that weather a bit cooler than normal would be really nice for our vacation. Normal temperatures in the Shasta area for mid-to-late-June is around the 75-80 range, occasionally getting up into the low 90’s.

Our first full day here it was right about 80. A tad warm for me, but with the dry air here and sitting in the shade, it wasn’t bad. Wednesday and Thursday of last week it was 90 to 95 both days … way too warm for me and I was glad we had no plans to go anywhere. The house cools off nicely in the evenings so it was staying under 75 with no trouble (no AC up here) even with the higher temps.

But boy did things change Friday! We had a storm roll in from Alaska and rain that night and most of Saturday (and again Monday) … with temps barely reaching 60 during the day and close to freezing at night. Um, yeah. Time to see if the heater in this place actually works. We’ve never tried it out as we’ve never had the need in the 4 years we’ve rented this place.

The good news? The furnace works just fine. And with this being one of the few houses up here with a forced-air system, it’s been downright pleasant. (most of the houses up here have Monitor heat so there are still cold spots in the house)

Tonight (OK, I guess it’s technically morning already) it’s a balmy 48 outside and we’re due to be back up to those “normal” temps the next few days. I’m good with that. And really happy we aren’t camping!