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Buildings are constructed on solid foundations. Electricity must have a path to electrical ground to have the ability to flow and “do work”. People are said to be grounded when they have a lot of common sense and make good decisions. But I’m not referring to any of these.

Some friends and I were talking over the weekend and the subject of energetic grounding came up. If we are not properly grounded the energy in our physical and energetic bodies does not flow properly and we may feel out-of-touch. When the energy isn’t flowing properly we can experience a myriad of physical and emotional issues due to stagnation or blockage. Being energetically grounded is important.

There are a number of ways we can ground ourselves … both consciously and unconsciously. Certain foods are grounding. Those “comfort foods” we all love when we’re feeling down (meats, potatoes and other root veggies, eggs, and nut butters) are foods that help ground us. Walking barefoot or laying in the grass is grounding. So is gardening, working with the warm soil. Even a hike in the woods can be grounding. Most of these we do unconsciously, because we like doing them.

For conscious efforts, there are also a number of ways to ground. A favorite of many people is to stand quietly and visualize “roots” growing from your feet into the Earth. Then visualize drawing up positive energy from the Earth and having it replace any negative energy in your body. Keep at it until there is so much positive energy flowing through you that it’s also flowing from your head and hands. When you’re done, shake any excess energy from your extremities.

The root thing doesn’t seem to work so well for me (it doesn’t feel natural to me) so I do a variant of this. I visualize pure energy from the Universe entering my crown chakra and flowing down into my body until I’m radiating with it. As I progress through my session, I visualize all this positive energy forcing any negative energy down, out of my body and into the Earth to be recycled. I frequently use a couple of green onyx spheres to help with the flow of positive energy, especially if I notice a blockage.

One of the nice things about visualizations is that you can do them just about anywhere and no one else knows what you’re doing. When I get really stressed at work I’ll go stand next to a tree and do a quick grounding session. But what if you aren’t all that great at visualization? If you prefer physical exercises, this page has a few good grounding exercises that you can do.

Even if you don’t think you need it, try grounding. You might just be amazed at how good you feel afterward. πŸ˜‰

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