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Yes dear friends, this does mean that hubby is doing better! Before I get into the rest of this post, hubby and I want to thank you all again for the generous outpouring of prayers, thoughts, and energy for a quick recovery. *hugs to all*

The surgeon has given the OK for hubby to return to work next week and all restrictions on lifting and such have been lifted. Both of us are really happy about this … hubby because it was driving him nuts not being able to do something as simple as change the water bottle (at 24 pounds, that 3 gallon bottle was more than twice the limit the doc placed on lifting) and me because I was getting a bit pooped with the extra chores.

The twitching is still going on, but we now have some additional information. According to the surgeon, when the largest artery is the one pressing against the affected nerve (as apparently was the case for hubby) it can take a couple of months for the activity to stop. When we mentioned this to the chiropractor, he pointed out that the nerve actually gets damaged due to the pulse throbbing against it and it takes time for the nerve to regenerate. Makes some sense. But the best news was from our gal who does energy healing. She mentioned Saturday that in the past year or so there’s been resistance whenever she’s tried to add energy for healing to the nerve and surrounding tissue … but there was no longer any resistance Saturday when she worked on that area. Very good news on all fronts.

As for me, I’ve finally gotten caught up on the blog reading, though I had to miss out on some of the commenting. And all the chores, including the poor fish, are caught up too. I was hoping to find some time to do something crafty this weekend but I was too pooped and my allergies are acting up something fierce. So I just vegged and fiddled around on the computer or played Angry Birds on my phone (stupid game is addictive!) most of the day.

One of the few pluses over the last two weeks is that we’ve found a few new recipes for our Crock Pot. Since it’s just hubby and I at home, we’ve gotten into the habit of either picking food up for dinner or having something delivered. But since hubby was housebound, we decided to do larger meals at home so he’d have left-overs for lunches. The slow-cooker meals are easier for me because I can set them up the night before if there is a lot of prep work involved, and dinner is ready soon after I get home without having to do much else.

I’ve got at least one more post that I need to do here near term, but for now I think I’ll head off to bed since it’s late. Thank you all again for the support … you have no idea how much it means to us.

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