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Jill over at Thypolar’s Life Uncensored was kind enough to grace me with the Kreativ Blogger Award a few days ago. Thank you sweetie … I’m honored to be included!

If you haven’t found her blog yet, do check it out. She is one of the most awesome people I’ve met on the web. She’s got a wicked sense of humor but is also honest and up front about every aspect of her life. I’m proud to be able to count her among my online family.

The “Rules of Acceptance” for this award are:
1. Thank the blogger who presented you with the award. (done)
2. Post a photo of the award. (check)
3. Share ten things about yourself readers don’t know. (keep reading)
4. Choose six people to present this award to. (at the end)

As someone mentioned recently, blogging is all about sharing bits of ourselves with others so coming up with stuff about me that you don’t already know was a tad tough. After an hour or so of pondering I’ve managed to come up with these:

  1. I can rebuild an engine or do a brake job … but choose not to at this point in my life.
  2. Before I started working on satellites, I worked on guidance systems.
  3. I love Star Trek. And Star Gate (just the original and “Atlantis” though … not enamored at all with “Universe”). Yes kids, I’m a sci-fi geek. There, I said it.
  4. In a similar vein I find quantum mechanics, and string theory in particular, fascinating.
  5. I played “general contractor” for our kitchen remodel. I scheduled and coordinated all the work and we finished within a week of our target date.
  6. I take our pup Cindy just about everywhere and we’ve been sailing and flying (in a small plane) together. I’ve even taken her on a train for a short sightseeing tour.
  7. I’ve tried just about every crafty thing except knitting. Never had a desire to try it. I have done some crochet and it’s alright, but I can’t do it for long. I still have an unfinished afghan floating around somewhere.
  8. I once made a full length ball gown for myself and had a blast with the snooty women at one of hubby’s work gatherings. When they asked where I got my “gorgeous dress” I smiled and simply said “I had it custom made for me”. (yes, I have a bit of an evil streak)
  9. My favorite color is purple, closely followed by blue and green.
  10. I give hugs in real life as often as I do online. I get odd looks at work because the technicians I’ve worked with will sometimes run up for a hug.

Since my blog circle isn’t huge, choosing six deserving bloggers who haven’t already received the award took a little doing … here are my nomnees:

Eileen over at eileeneldred is new to the blog scene but she’s already made an impact on me. Do pop over and welcome her when you get a chance.

mairzeebp at Goodbye Whoopee Pie is a sweet gal who bares her soul with her own brand of humor.

Fox over at Journey of a Wild Spirit is well known to those who spend much time on my blog. She’s most definitely one of the most creative people I’ve had the joy to be around.

Keith at The Tyranny of Tradition is another wickedly funny blogger. He’s got a wry sense of humor that’s a kick and a half.

Nancy over at Young American Wisdom gets her inspiration from her kids and the results are always hilarious.

Dana at zona pellucida has all sorts of fun going on over at her place. Another sweet gal with a terrific sense of humor.

I know I’m over due for posting and I think things have settled down enough I’ll be able to get an update (and a maybe even another crystal post if I’m lucky) out this weekend. For now, I’m happy to have gotten to this post and plan on catching up on a little sleep before doing anything else!

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