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Wow … it’s now 2 weeks into 2012 and I’m just now getting a few minutes to post. So first, Happy New Year! I’m going to have to keep this short as it’s almost 3:30am here and I need to get to bed. But since I was catching up on my reading tonight (because I have a busy weekend ahead of me) I figured it was a good time to do a quick update.

The (almost) two weeks we had off of work was nice … and not quite long enough to feel rested. We’ve already decided that we need to do a three week summer vacation this year, mainly due to this. And the work schedule. Looking ahead, I’m going to be insanely busy at work through May. That’s only part of the bad news … I’ve also got a ton of paper to generate during that time. But the upside is I will actually be getting some hardware to play with soon! Finally, after three looong years of meetings and drawing reviews.

The other good news is that I’ve finally gotten my claws into someone to help out. And despite my worst fears, I’ve lucked out and gotten a really awesome young man to work with. He’s really bright, smart enough to know when to stay quiet and when to ask questions, asks intelligent questions, is motivated, and doesn’t need his hand held or to be told what to do and when to do it. The two of us spent a little time last week mapping out the massive amount of paper that needs to be generated over the next year or so, and divvying it up as equitably as possible.

If we can make it to June without either of us going postal, it looks like we have half a shot at pulling this off … what a huge relief that is! I feel a little bad for him because I’ve had 10 years dealing with this particular bird and I’m having to toss stuff at him fast to try and get him as familiar with all of it as quickly as possible. To his credit though, his eyes haven’t glazed over once.

Stuff at home isn’t much better … I still don’t have enough time to get enough sleep, let alone do some of the things I want to do, but I’m doing my best to muddle through. At least the fish are clean and happy and the stuff that needs to get done is getting done. I still haven’t had time to get the Christmas stuff down so it’s all still up and it’s doubtful I’ll have time this weekend.

I have been able to squeeze in a little fun time here and there. Hubby got me an awesome crystal singing bowl for Yule and I found some gorgeous material to make a pillow for it to sit on. And now that I can actually get to the sewing machine again (and verified it still works!) I’ve decided that since I can’t find the style of tops I like to wear, I’m just going to make some. Hmmmm … I wonder if I can squeeze in a trip to the fabric shop this weekend.

And I’ve figured out that playing with the grids helps to keep energy flowing and unstuck. Go figure. So I’ve decided to work on them at least a half hour a day. Since I really like doing them, I think it counts as “play time” too.

Oh, and hubby and I played hookey from work last Wednesday and spent the day at the Getty museum. Pretty cool place. I’ll have to post something on that in the not-to-distant future. For now though, I’m going to get my butt to bed and catch up on a little sleep before I drop. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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