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Adding to my posts regarding energy and how I work with it, the subject of this post is a new method I was exposed to about 6 months ago called “Light Language”. I’ve been meaning to post on this for some time, but it took a while to figure out how to get some of this down without it sounding completely garbled … I think it’s fairly coherent now.

The energies, method, and information on Light Language have been transferred directly from members of a tribe in a remote area of Mexico and has been (according to the woman who has documented what little exists about it) handed down over time starting with the ancient Mayans.

We, as a part of the whole, are experiencing the shift of awakened consciousness at a great rate.

Brook Still

I know this quote sounds a bit “new-agey” but it does seem to fit with what I’ve been experiencing lately. Things have been shifting, for lack of a better word, and the more I work with different energies, the more it seems like I need a variety of methods to choose from. Sort of like having a bunch of different tools in your toolbox for different jobs around the house.

There are a couple of things I’ve been working on lately (as far as “personal growth” and figuring out my place in the world) that ended up meshing perfectly with this form of energy manipulation. First, I’ve been trying to get the conscious and subconscious (or logical and emotional/intuitive) halves of my brain to work together … it usually works out that one or the other is needing to be “in charge” for most of my activities but that’s sometimes problematic for a number of reasons.

The second is coaxing out and nurturing my long neglected inner-child. The inner-child thing is almost easier to deal with than getting the two halves of the brain to cooperate, but 9 year olds can sometimes be difficult and mine just wants to play … something I didn’t really get to do as a child at that age. (I’m pretty sure the 9 year old me is needing attention now because that is the age I was when my parents split … and what little childhood I had ended)

Back in June I had an opportunity to join a class to learn about using shapes and color as a way to set a specific energy pattern in our auric field. It sounded interesting so I went. The shapes and colors used in that class were very basic but the concept was pretty cool. And after playing with it a bit I realized that what was really cool about it is that it gives all of my brain (logical, intuitive, and inner child) something to do. The process itself is intuitive, the logical side likes the shapes since they are very math oriented, and colors are just flat fun to play with.

It’s a bit complicated to explain, but basically shapes are placed in a grid where there is a specific meaning for each of the spaces. In the beginning level there are only 7 shapes and colors and the grid is just a single column of seven spaces that correspond to the chakras. An intuitive process is used to place shapes in the spaces but the colors are set to those that correspond with the traditional chakra colors. Since this all is a bit limited at the beginning level (with only 7 shapes, colors, and spaces) it didn’t take me long to decide to progress on to the next level.

The intermediate grids use 13 shapes and 18 colors along with a 7×7 grid (49 spaces) that has no limits on what shapes or colors are used in the 3 center columns. The 4 outer columns (2 on each side) must have one of several predetermined sets used in them though the choice of which set to use is intuitive. These grids are used to set up an energy flow to acheive a particular intent. They can be used just like (or in conjunction with) any other aid to achieving a goal … they don’t do the work for you, they just give you a little help.

After a few months I decided I wanted to take the advanced level class too. That level has 80 shapes, 144 colors, and uses a 12×12 grid. To give a feel for some of the shapes and colors, I’ve tossed a few of them into the header image for this post. The advanced grids are way more challenging and take a really long time to put together, but once done they have some really awesome energy. Each of the shapes has a specific purpose, as does each of the colors. By using a combination of color and shape, a specific energy is “assigned” to each object. And each column corresponds to a small part of the overall intent. Placement of the created objects in a particular column is sort of like giving those shapes a more specific job. Add them all up and they create an energy flow that helps to direct other energies toward the intent.

The learning process for these is intense. You can’t just “learn” it in the traditional (logical) sense … most of the energetic properties must be directly transferred from the teacher because so much of it is just flat beyond our ability to fully understand. Because I know the gal who taught me really well, and was the only person in the intermediate and advanced classes, we decided to go at a quicker pace than normal … we did in 5 days what it normally takes 9 to do. Granted some of that time is usually due to people bs-ing and goofing off, and we did break things up by only working one day a week, but it was still a lot to take in and I had a few lovely headaches from the process. Well worth it though … this stuff is pretty cool.

As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world — that is the myth of the atomic age — as in being able to remake ourselves.

Mohandas K. Gandhi

I think one of the coolest aspects to this is that there are no limits. I’m sure there are some who might try and use grids for frivolous or vanity purposes but I’m not in it for that. I look at them as a tool for self improvement and bettering ourselves and our lives. As I’m learning to better manipulate energies around me, I’m always looking for something I can use to enhance how my body handles these changes … for every minor gripe I’ve had (like headaches or vertebrae shifting out of place) there has almost always been a corresponding energy blockage in that area.

The energy of the grids don’t do much initially on the conscious/physical level. Instead they work with the energies in the subtle bodies to change our vibration to a higher level of being. This does have an effect on the physical body but it takes some time to manifest. So I’m planning on using these to help with my goal of balancing everything … logic and emotion, work and play, spiritual and physical, needs and wants. Yeah it will take a while, but improvements are always good.

For anyone who might be interested in a little more information on this stuff, you can visit the Light Language website and get it directly from the gal who started all this. I know she doesn’t have a lot there beyond what I’ve mentioned so feel free to ask questions in the comments as well and I’ll do my best to answer as coherently as possible.

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