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Good lord where did the time go?!?

I know I’ve been a bit burned out lately, and it’s been a little tough to get worked up for the holidays this year. But this is getting crazy. I’m way behind this year. Yeah, the tree got put up … but it took almost a week to get all the ornaments on and I still haven’t been able to find the time to do the tinsel. Where I’m normally done with all the house decorating by the Sunday after Thanksgiving, it took until last weekend to get all my Santas out along with all the other decorations on the mantle, table, and entertainment center. Sigh.

I’ve just now finished the cards that need to go out and I did manage to get the two packages that need to be sent ready to go so I can drop them off on the morning. At least all the packages for here are wrapped and under the tree. I still have 2 more on the way though and hopefully they will both be here by Wednesday.

You wouldn’t think a couple of days should matter that much, but they do. We celebrate Yule, the Winter Solstice here instead of Christmas. There are a couple of reasons for this … yes, we could celebrate Christmas as a secular holiday even though we aren’t Christian. But seeing as most of the symbolism of Christmas comes from solstice celebrations I figure it doesn’t much matter. And it’s easier on the kids. Darling Daughter has adopted my solution to dealing with family and in-laws … alternate the holidays. So that means we only get to see them here every other year for most holidays. But by celebrating Yule we have them here every year and they are able to spend every Christmas with the in-laws. It makes her happy and I’m sure the in-laws appreciate it too. And I get to open presents just a tiny bit earlier too.

Hubby and I are fortunate again this year as nether of our jobs is so chaotic that we need to work the holiday period so we may actually be able to get some rest. And we decided not to go up to Shasta this year. I love the snow and the area, but the drive is a killer, especially if there is any inclement weather. We may head up to the Big Bear area for a few days but other than that we’re going to stay put at home and see if we can tame at least some of the chaos during our week off.

I hope all of you are able to get in some rest, relaxation, and fun over the next few weeks. I’m planning on all that myself … and maybe doing a little more blogging since I should actually have a little free time for a change. πŸ™‚

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