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Apologies to my bloggy-buddies who got comments that should have been done yesterday way late. We had a nasty power failure yesterday due to some seriously abnormal winds … our power didn’t come back on until about 3:30 am. Yes, I was still up. I was trying to keep my poor fish from having too many problems with no water circulation. By the time I got all the tanks running again it was well past 4:00 and I didn’t get to bed until almost 6:00. Me thinks work is going to suck big-time today! 😦

Poor hubby got awakened at 2:30 after I’d called Edison because their website hadn’t been updated since 7:00 pm (thank the gods my phone can do the ‘net!) and they told me we were looking at having the power out until 11:00 pm Thursday! Need I say I was beside myself? Based on that info, we were going to head to Home Depot when they opened at 5 to get a small generator to keep the fridge going and run enough equipment to keep the poor fish alive. I think we’re still going to get a portable generator to have on hand for the future (we do live in earthquake country ya know) but at least we now have some time to do a little research first.

It will probably take me a couple of days to get caught up on the blogs (y’all were pretty chatty yesterday) but I’ll get there eventually!

Back in May, when we were at the Ren Faire, Darling Daughter and I saw some headpieces that we really liked. They were done with artificial leaves and flowers and lots of ribbon. Some had feathers too. But they were a bit pricey and I decided that I could probably create some on my own.

I decided I wanted to do one for each season and bought a ton of artificial leaves, flowers, ribbons, feathers, butterflies, birds, and other baubles. I was hoping to get all four done before posting, but it’s taking forever to even get to them! I had finished the fall piece a couple of months ago but couldn’t find the time to get the others done. A few weeks ago I strained the tendon across my right ankle and took a couple of days off work to let it heal a bit and actually had a little time to do my winter piece as well as copy both the fall and winter for Darling Daughter.

Anyway … I thought I’d post some pictures of what I’ve done so far. I’ll post the spring and summer pieces when I get them done.

This is the Fall headpiece I came up with. The ribbons in the back are partly for decoration, but one set allows the piece to be adjustable.

View from the front
View from the back and a bit above

My crappy pics don’t do this justice … it’s really quite stunning in person. I love the black feathers against the fall colored leaves.

And here is the Winter headpiece. Darling Daughter specifically asked that I include poinsettias and pine cones so this one was bit of a collaborative effort.

View from the front
View from the back and a bit above

You can’t really see them in these shots, but there are three tiny candy cane ornaments and four sets of small gold bells held on with ribbons around this piece.

I also decided to make some small wreaths since I had some of the smallish grapevine wreaths on hand. I’ve got that Eater Egg wreath I did a couple of years ago and I recently got a stand to hang it on. Since I decorate my dining room table at the beginning of each season, I thought little wreaths would be a nice addition to that.

Here’s the Fall Wreath:

And the Winter wreath:

This one is currently on my table amongst the candles, pine cones, and sets of Santa and Mrs. Claus. At least I’ve gotten that done. I also got my floral baskets done and the tree is mostly finished … still need to do my mantle. If I’m lucky, I’ll have time to do that later today. For now, it’s long past time to head to bed.

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