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Good heavens you people make it hard to get to posting! I spend so much time reading everyone elses blogs that by the time I’m done it’s well past my bedtime with no time for even a short post. So, since it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post, and I decided to stay up a little late (partly because one of the better Star Trek TNG episodes is on right now … yes kids, I’m a geek) I figured I’d try and bang out a quick update.

Samhain ended up not being much here this year. We’ve had almost no kids stop by for Halloween the last couple of years (the city has been sponsoring an event downtown with all the merchants so all the local kids go there instead of door-to-door) so we didn’t bother this year. And hubby was heading out of town on a business trip the next morning (requiring me to get up at 4am to get him to the airport) so I needed to head to bed early. Humbug. So I did a short meditation on the first while he was gone and had a nice chat with my grandparents. My paternal grandfather left us about 20 years ago and grandmother went to join him this past December. I wasn’t surprised at all that they were together, or that they popped in to visit.

The past few weeks have been a bit harried between work (and catching up there after almost two weeks of jury duty) and the pup needing yet another surgery. To top things off, hubby brought home some sort of bug and being very near to burned out as we both were, of course we both got sick. Sigh. At least I had plenty of my cough tincture on hand. We both stayed home Monday and I ended up sleeping/napping most of the day so I decided to stay home today too. In addition to catching up on the computer related stuff (blogs included) I played a bit with some crafty stuff I’ve been wanting to get to. I’ve still got some more to do there, but when I’m done I’ll post pictures.

Cindy is doing well after her (minor) surgery, though she is a bit annoyed with the e-collar. I’m sure at least half of that annoyance is at hubby and his refusal to stop referring to her as “conehead”. I had to put the “hard” collar on because she’s figured out how to bunch up the soft collar the hospitals use, and by bunching it up can then get to her incision. Have I mentioned what a pain in the ass it is to have a smart dog? Other than needing to wait for the staples to come out, she’s pretty much back to normal though. I credit a portion of her quick recovery with this having been done as an outpatient surgery by our regular vet. Not only was it quick (less than an hour to remove some odd tissue from a fatty deposit on her belly) she also knows everyone in the office (we go twice a month for her acupuncture) and they let her roam around the back area instead of sticking her in a crate. Oh, and she’s been on a major diet as we’re trying to get her weight down to make it easier on her arthritic hips and back. No small task when we’re also fighting hypothyroidism. But she’s now lost 17 of the 20+ pounds she’s needing to lose so getting the left leg (the one she had the knee surgery on back in April) toned up is a little easier.

Work has been … let’s just say fun (with major sarcasm) and leave it at that. The current idiocy I’m dealing with has to do with systems twits engineers and requirements for our new birdie. I’ve been involved with the requirements work off and on for the last two years, part of that being how we are going to verify those requirements. I thought we had it all pretty well hashed out 9 months ago or so, but apparently I was wrong. I have been spending a little time updating a document we generate that defines the requirements for procedures that need to be written so the test engineers know what needs to go into those procedures. I’m trying to update the damn thing one last time before passing it off to the fella who will be maintaining it so I can go off and write my own procedures. No, I don’t normally do this sort of thing, but since I’m one of the few left from our last build, and apparently the only one willing to get into the mess, I got stuck with it.

Anyway, as I was updating our document, I started cross referencing the verifications that the systems weenies engineers have published … and some of them had been changed. So I dug a little deeper and found that not only had they changed some of the verifications, they’ve also added a bunch of new items for us to provide documentation on. Um, no. Not happenin’. Not only did they not bother to check with us they obviously can’t read. They’ve got items that the folks doing the structural testing are responsible for noted as ours … and the items clearly state who needs to do the work. Morons. So when I get back tomorrow, I will be taking what I’ve just gone through and sending out a huge email informing them of their error (as politely as possible) and “requesting” that they fix it. Could be fun. [insert evil laugh]

I’ve also been learning/playing with a new method of dealing with energy. I’ve still got a bit to do with the learning part but will have to do a post on that soon … it’s pretty cool stuff. A lot to process though and I’m guessing that contributed to my getting sick Sunday. It’s tough to ask your system to process a lot of energy when it’s already stressed out and trying to fight off a bug. Oh well, I needed a little break anyway.

And finally, just because I’ve never gotten around to organizing a separate post for this stuff, I thought I’d spew a bit about stuff that irks me … just to get in out of my head:

Men who don’t listen when women speak. I used to think this was just my hubby, but the more I work with guys the more obvious it has become that it’s a widespread issue. And while hubby may be happy having a Y chromosome to blame when he ignores me, it’s really quite annoying. Guys … just because a female is speaking does not mean she is nagging! Ignore her at your own risk.

Idiot drivers. We have a lot of these in Southern California. The general rudeness and refusal to accept that illegal maneuvers should be avoided is enough to make one insane! Dude … use your turn signals! And if you are in the fast lane, at least have the courtesy to get close to the speed limit.

People who ask vague questions expecting an answer without providing any information. We see this a lot on the fishy forum I help moderate. “My fish might be sick, what should I do?” Really? How in the hell do you expect us to respond? We’ve gone to the trouble to post a list of items we require information on but you couldn’t be bothered to read it. We can’t see your fish or your tank but you get annoyed when we ask that you provide the most basic information, like water conditions. Really? Well fine, how about you just bugger off, OK? And speaking of fish (or pets or hobbies in general) …

People who don’t do research on hobbies or pets before diving in. I’m sorry but I can’t be super sympathetic if you’ve decided to listen to the twit at PetSmart who told you that it’s OK to keep angelfish in a 15 gallon aquarium and you can’t understand why they are sick. Guess what, they make more money by giving bad advice so why would they bother to actually train their employees? Yes, I’ve made mistakes with pets. But at least I try to do research. When I decided to get a dog, I did research on Border Collies so I’d know what I was getting into. Yes, my dog is really smart and it’s challenging to work with at times, but I was prepared. I also did research on my fish and have gone to great pains (and expense) to make sure they have appropriate accommodations and water quality.

People who jump on the bandwagon without looking at the actual facts. Case in point, florescent vs incandescent lighting. I wonder how many people realize that 1) they won’t save any energy in most homes (houses that are too old don’t have the proper circuitry for them), 2) they are bad for your eyes (they don’t cast shadows so your eyes don’t have to adjust, causing muscles to atrophy with long term use), and 3) you can’t just toss them in the trash when they die … that they should be treated as a hazardous material? And god forbid you break one … how many know you need to call out the hazmat crew to clean it up? And if you did know, will you call out the hazmat crew and pay the cost if you break one? (last I heard, it’s about $5000 per visit) Sorry, but that one is one of the stupidest laws ever.

Duckweed! This stuff sucks rocks! I still don’t know where it came from, though I suspect a tiny bit hitchhiked in from the fish shop’s plant tank. Once this stuff is in a tank, it’s there forever. Bah!

OK … that’s enough for now. Besides, it’s late and I need to get my butt to bed. Later!

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