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Before I fill you all in on the recent stint I did on Jury Duty, I thought I’d toss up this picture I took with my cell phone Wednesday morning while waiting in the hallway outside the courtroom (we were on the 7th floor).

The Media Circus – Waiting for Lindsay Lohan

Unfortunately, this is the only Criminal Court in the entire western portion of (what’s known as) the South Bay Area. And since Lindsay Lohan lives in Venice (about 10 minutes from me) the courthouse I was assigned to is where she has to go to deal with the legal repercussions of her shenanigans … I just didn’t expect to have to deal with her needing to be in court while I was on jury duty. So when I heard on the news Wednesday morning that she was headed back to court, I groaned as it occurred to me that she’d be heading to the same courthouse I was … and that there would be a media circus there to greet her. (btw, the news vans in the picture are only about half of them … there were more out on the street) The whole thing annoys me to no end, but I thought you all might be a little entertained with the overhead view we had of the whole mess. πŸ˜‰

And speaking of circuses … I don’t think I mentioned that this recent summons was actually a change from my original summons. When it first showed up, I was slated for the downtown LA courthouse. Having been there before, I knew first hand that I didn’t want to go there. The last time I was stuck there in the jury assembly room my back was messed up for almost 6 weeks because the chairs there are so uncomfortable. So I got a reassignment to the courthouse close to home. Anyway, that original summons was for shortly after Labor Day and it subsequently occurred to me that had I not requested the transfer, there is a possibility that I could have ended up in the Conrad Murray mess. So even though I really wasn’t happy about missing a week and a half of work, I’m counting my blessings that it wasn’t more.

So … the verdict. Guilty of murder. First degree murder. A totally unanimous decision reached in less than an hour. It was an interesting experience. But not one that I’m keen on repeating anytime soon.

I was going to do one huge post and give a run down of the trial, but I decided that there may be some folks who don’t want to be exposed to the details. So I’ll do that as a separate post and am setting it up with a password. If you want the details, either send me an email or leave a comment and I’ll email the password to you. πŸ˜‰

And if no one wants to see it, that’s OK too as my reason for posting all this is to get it out of my head for good now that it’s done.

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