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OK folks, update time. I’ll try and keep this from meandering too much and just note some things that have been going on.

News on the “kids” … there isn’t any nice way to put this so I’ll just blurt it out. Darling Daughter lost the baby a few weeks ago and we’ve been struggling through the aftermath of that. The only positive thing here is that she seems to be dealing with it quite well at this point and they are planning to try again as soon as they can.

Work has been insane lately. You know, the soul-sucking sort of insane. *Blech* In amongst all the regular BS that goes on there, I’ve finally gotten some folks to pay attention to a potential problem. For two years I’ve been poking at one of the motors we’re stuck dealing with … the damn thing just made me uncomfortable. Especially when the “experts” in charge of procuring it seem to have no clue and can’t offer up a straight answer to my questions. On a few occasions I managed to dig up some tidbits that made me more nervous … enough that our “big boss” agreed to pay to let me do short test on the engineering model. Yep, this thing is a POS. So now the guy who I gather test data for will have to waste some of his time to convince folks up the food chain to fork over more time and money so we can do more tests to see what we need to do to even use this thing. The lesson here? Talk to the people who actually have to use whatever it is you are designing so you’ll have a chance at getting it right. Better yet, have them sign off on your document detailing what the damn thing is supposed to do. And no, these twits didn’t do either. Grrrr

Jury duty isn’t over. I still can’t believe the defense attorney finds me acceptable. This is a murder trial. And of the questions asked of potential jurors, there were several relating to the criminal justice system. Have I, or anyone I know had dealings with this system? Yep … there were a number of issues with the ex and then there is my youngest brother who got nailed by the FBI cooking meth in a hotel room. When asked if I thought little brother was treated fairly by the “system” I basically stated, in open court, that I didn’t know and didn’t really care. If he’s stupid enough to cook up meth and get caught by the FBI he can deal with whatever is thrown at him. So either I give off tons of “fair minded” vibes or this guy is hoping I’ll hang the jury. For obvious reasons I can’t say much more than that at this point, but I’ll fill in what I can later. We’ve had 2 full days of testimony so far and the prosecution says they’ll be done tomorrow. The 10 days will be up next Tuesday (that was the judge’s estimate of the trial length) and we’ll hopefully be done by then. I’m so not looking forward to the mess at work when I return.

Cindy is doing much better. Her knee has fully healed according to the surgeon and she is now getting up and walking on her own. She still has issues with semi-slick surfaces so we’ve got the dining room tile and living room wood floors covered with outdoor carpet to help with traction. We’re still helping her outside with the sling, but she’s doing it on her own a lot!

I still have not been able to get back to organizing the rest of the house or sorting through the closets … silly/stupid things keep popping up that need to be dealt with and I still can’t seem to get to bed before 2am. And you people aren’t helping with that! I’d much rather read blogs than what I’m supposed to be doing and that just means I have to do that stuff later. *Sigh* Ah well, at least with the jury duty I’m getting home earlier than normal so I’ve been able to (finally!) catch up with all of you this week.

Those are the highlights as far as what’s going on here. I have a few posts percolating in my head but I’ll be a good girl and head off to bed now. May you all have a pleasant week with no added drama. πŸ™‚

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