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I’m not one to delve much into political or religious discussions. That’s just not me. We all have our opinions and I personally don’t like it when folks spout off (frequently without thinking), let alone those who shove their views (usually stated as fact) in your face.

But this is important. Not just for Pagans, but for Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and Christians as well as all other religions.

I’ve been hearing a bit about a neo-Pentecostal Christian movement that refer to themselves as the New Apostolic Reformation. OK, fine, that in and of itself isn’t an issue, call yourself whatever you want it makes no difference to me. But the NAR has stated their intention of conducting a “spiritual war” on the American People and Washington DC in particular. Forty Days of Light Over D.C. (or just “DC40”) is the “Prayer War” (isn’t this an oxymoron?) that these people plan to kick off in a few weeks in an attempt to “lay siege on Washington DC” and bring about their view of how the country should be run. Effectively this means they want to shape the government of this country into an abomination led by extreme fundamentalists. I imagine our Founding Fathers would be pretty pissed about all this.

The more I hear, the more thoroughly disgusted I become … I’d love nothing more than to just ignore these people and hope they go far, far away. But I don’t see that happening so I’m compelled to spread the word (so to speak) just a bit.

Jason Pitzl-Waters of the Wild Hunt (he’s also on the panel of experts for the Washington Post’s “On Faith” section) has written a number of informative posts regarding the NAR but I think this one is the best: What Spiritual Warfare Looks Like Jason has a lot of detail in his blog and lots of links so if you’re interested in learning more, please pop over and give him a read.

Several blogs I occasionally read have also addressed the DC40 initiative:
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Note: I’ve added this last link as Kate didn’t post it until later in the day … it’s well worth the read

John Benefiel and Cindy Jacobs are two of the key players in the NAR and DC40 and they’ve got a lot of ties to Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, and Michele Bachmann and the whole thing seems just as nutty as these three. Nutty or not, they are deadly serious and apparently intent on doing away with any culture or religion that doesn’t agree with them. These are the worst sort of zealots and getting the word out about them is important … they’ve been growing for a number of years and I’ve only recently heard of them.

Those of us who value tolerance and unity among all people need to band together and do whatever we can to stop these people. Writing our senators and representatives, adding our own prayers for tolerance and sanity to prevail in DC and across the country, even spellwork if you’re inclined to do that. And most important of all, tell your friends, family, blog buddies, Facebook friends, what have you about these people and what they stand for. It would be a terrible thing to have said nothing, hoping that the voters in the US have a shred of logic (and use it) only to find that the NAR has gotten their foot in the door (or worse) come November 2012. Hell, if it comes to that I hope the nuts touting the end of the world on 12/21/12 are actually right.

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