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Now that I’ve gotten all the stuff posted from our vacation I can get to other news.

I got a call from Darling Daughter before I left for work a few days ago. And since she’s now posted the news to her Facebook page, there’s certainly no issue with me posting it here. πŸ˜‰

When she called I assumed it would have something to do with the new business she’d opened a few weeks ago but no, nothing of the sort. She’d called to tell me that she is pregnant! She and her hubby have been trying for a few months and are very excited … it’s really cute.

While I’m deliriously happy for them I’m still not sure I’m ready to do the “grandma” thing. Sure, I’m almost 50 and she’s almost 30 so in terms of “timing” it’s about perfect.

But I don’t feel old enough to be somebody’s grandma. So we talked about not using “grandma” as a nickname. She laughed and said I could pick whatever name I want.

So dear friends, I need suggestions. Who has a nickname for a grandma that says “cool”? πŸ™‚

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