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The worst part about vacation is heading back to work when it’s over. And even though I only had 3 days of work this week, it sure felt like a lot more! But I finally got a little time and weeded through the rest of the pictures we took up in the Shasta area. I’m breaking them into three posts because even after just selecting (what I think are) the best of the bunch, there are still quite a few of them.

So I’ll start off with the shots we took close to “home”. On a couple of afternoons we went off in search of some water for Cindy to play in. She’s always loved wading into a lake or stream so I figured it would be nice for her to take a little time so she could have some fun on vacation too.

We didn’t find anything on our first expedition but we ended up near Lake McCloud (yeah, it’s really a reservoir) and I had to get a shot of the lake.

Lake McCloud

We took our bikes with us on this trip and hubby used his almost every morning to head into town (a couple miles up the road) and take railroad related pictures. One morning he ran across this little one near the road.

Do you see the fawn on the side of the road?

Between the animals, insects, and wildflowers in the yard and forest nearby, even just hanging around the house there were lots of photo opportunities.

Wild Blackberry
Small Wood Nymph Butterfly
Pigging out

On Saturday we wandered over to the McCloud River where we knew there were a number of spots that might be suitable (and quiet enough) for Cindy to get a little “water time”. We ended up at a picnic area right on the river.

McCloud River – Looking upstream

I have no idea who set up these stones or how long they’d been there, but I was entertained.

Someone was bored!

Even though the river isn’t very big in the area we stopped, there are still little spots where there are tiny “rapids” … can you see them in this picture?

McCloud River – Looking downstream

And just for Mark, hubby managed to get a shot of me walking Cindy after we splashed in the water for a little bit. Yes, “mom” actually waded into the cold water (it’s snow melt ya know) to hold the pup’s sling so she could get her feet wet too.

Drying our tootsies off

I’ll post some stuff from our trip up near Medicine Lake next. πŸ™‚

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