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OK folks … I’m going to make this a short post (word-wise) with lots of pictures! First up, a couple of shots looking into the “back yard” from the deck.

The back yard looking southeast from the deck
The back yard looking east from the deck

I love how the yard has a “meadow” look to it. The deer apparently like it too because we have several visitors in the mornings and evenings. This little girl is usually here at least twice a day, and I’ve caught glimpses of her napping in the brush near the house.

Black Tailed doe near the deck

And a few shots of some of our other visitors. I brought some feeders and food for the birds, but the darn squirrels are getting more of it than they are!

Naughty squirrel in the bird feeder!
Rufus colored hummingbird at the feeder
Steller’s Jay looking for peanuts

Squaw Creek runs along the eastern edge of the property we’re renting. Monday morning we took Cindy for a walk down to the creek and I took a few shots along our walk.

Walking through the back yard
The path through the woods
Squaw Creek … looking upstream to the north
Squaw Creek … looking downstream to the south

Here’s a shot of the house looking from the yard.

McCloud Cabin (it’s “official name”)

Monday afternoon hubby and I decided to take a Forest Service road into Mt Shasta City instead of the highway. It was a nice drive since we got to go slow and enjoy the forest. Just before turning onto the road, you run across this view on your way up toward the local ski area.

Mt Shasta

Mt Shasta dwarfs everything else in this area. She’s over 14,100 feet and Shastina (the smaller peak to the left of the main peak in this picture … it’s actually a vent off the main volcanic chamber) is near 12,000 feet.

About midway along the little Forest Service road there was a great view of Black Butte, a cinder cone that’s nearby.

Black Butte

Yesterday was our long drive through the Trinity Alps area. About an hour west and a little north of Redding is Trinity Lake, one of the many man-made lakes (OK, reservoir) in the area.

Trinity Lake from the picnic area
Trinity Lake from the shore
Cindy at our picnic spot
Trinity Lake from the road

I took this one from the parking lot at the lake picnic area only because it shows the striking red earth that’s unique to the Mt Shasta area.

Red dirt/clay near Trinity Lake

Here are a couple of shots of the Trinity Alps from the road. As many of us have discovered, there is no way to adequately photograph large mountains and convey how awesome they are.

Trinity Alps from Highway 3
Trinity Alps from Highway 3

Those are some of the best shots we’ve gotten so far. We don’t have any set plans for the next few days, but we’ll make sure to get some more pictures … hopefully these will hold everyone over in the mean time!

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