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Well, for me anyway. 🙂

We’ve now been up in the Mt Shasta area for 3 days. After the long drive (10 hours) Saturday we decided to just kick back Sunday and do nothing. Marvelous! And I’ve gotten to spend the last few mornings sitting outside, sipping coffee while listening to the jays, squirrels, and chipmunks scold each other and watching the deer wander through the yard. We’ve had several deer come through … a lone doe and a doe with two fawns in tow. Other critters we’ve seen are a gray fox, several squirrels, chipmunks, Steller’s Jays, Oregon Juncos, hummingbirds, and few bats. I’ve heard, but not seen, a flock of geese and some wild turkeys. There are a number of other critters around, but so far they’ve been too shy to visit.

The house we’re renting for the week is one we’ve had the last few summers so we knew what to expect … it’s technically in McCloud, but isn’t near the town proper. The property is a bit over a mile south of town on about an acre of land with the back “yard” merging into the surrounding forest. There is a stream running nearby that marks the southern edge of the property and a thick mixed conifer forest to the South and East. The house has a deck that runs along the entire eastern side of the house and there are baby gates at the two “exits” so we can let the pup wander outside without worry about what she might get into.

The house itself has only a few draw backs. The living room windows are huge, but facing southeast and have no coverings (makes for some warm afternoons if you don’t cool the house off in the mornings) and you can’t see Mt Shasta due to the thick forest. The only amenity I have a hard time dealing with are the uber-low-flow shower heads … It’s like trying to rinse off in a light rain shower. Yeah, not a lot to complain about which is why we’ve rented this place the last few summers. 😉

We spent some time in Mt Shasta City yesterday, hitting our favorite cafe for blended iced coffee drinks and a snack before doing a little shopping. Hubby wanted to try taking a Forest Service road instead of the highway just to see what might be out there … and other than some really bad wash-boarding at the beginning of the road it was sort of nice because we could go much slower (no traffic either) and enjoy the forest a bit.

This morning the damn dog Cindy apparently decided that we needed to get up early so she could go pee. Ah well, at least we had plans to leave mid-morning to do a driving tour of the Trinity Alps so getting up a little early isn’t a huge deal though I would have preferred an extra hour of sleep. The alps are one area near here that neither of us has been to so we’ll get to see some new sights. Fortunately I like driving so the 6 hours I’m expecting the trip to take should be fun. We’re taking snacks and a light lunch to eat when we find a good spot to sit for a while and I’m hoping it will be cool enough to sit outside the truck.

Well … time to go make sandwiches and get the truck loaded so we can head out. I promise I’ll have some pictures later, but they might have to wait until we get home (or at least hit the Internet Cafe in Mt Shasta City later in the week) since we’re stuck with dial-up here. (can we say “sloooow”?) In the immortal words of Tigger, “Ta-ta for now!”

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