Honest. 🙂

But it’s been a little busy here lately. I’m trying to get the house straightened up (and am making lots of progress) and take care of things like cleaning fish tanks in preparation for our vacation. 9 days and counting! I’m looking forward to getting the hell out of this city for a while. I so need some quiet mountain time!

With all that’s been going on between work, the house, the pup, and my back (it’s been acting up a bit the last couple of weeks) it seems I don’t get around to reading blogs, let alone trying to sit down and write something, much before midnight. And since getting to bed late isn’t helping getting up in the morning, I’ve been trying to be good and not spend the time for long posts. And since I can’t seem to do short ones, that pretty much means no posts. 😦

I do have a few I want to do, but for now they’ll have to wait. Maybe I’ll work on one when I’m taking a break from the cleanup this weekend. 😉

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