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Well, Cindy is definitely feeling better … to the point where she’s being a pain in the butt!

After the upset tummy incident, because her liver enzymes were a little off, I decided to increase the strength of the herbs in Cindy’s gravy. So for a couple of weeks I made a decocoction instead of a tea (a decocoction is a strong infusion, a tea is a weak infusion) with lots of hydrangea root in it to help flush the rest of the crap from the surgery and medications out of her liver.

We were still having issues with her not wanting to eat her “cookies” (with the Chinese herbs in them) in the morning, but breaking one up and putting it in her bowl with the food seems to get her to eat most of it. The evening “cookie” (after her dinner) hasn’t been as difficult to get her to eat … we have these frozen treats (basically they’re a frozen fruit sauce with apples, bananas, and pears) she loves so we just tell her “If you don’t eat your cookie, no smoothie”. No problem, she really likes the “smoothies” so she eats the “cookie”. πŸ˜‰

Between her getting the herbs in her system regularly and the decocoction in the gravy, best I can tell it’s helped considerably … Cindy’s mood has been better the last week or so and she’s been interested in moving around a lot more. She still needs help getting up, and sometimes needs some support while walking (especially on stairs) but she’s otherwise supporting most of her own weight on the left leg.

We saw the vet today for her acupuncture appointment and filled her in on all this. Besides being very entertained at just how smart Cindy is, she’s also very happy she’s doing well. So Cindy got her toenails trimmed (they call it a “mani-pedi” … too cute) and got her acupuncture session, and mom got yet another Chinese herb blend (this one for liver support) to add to the “cookies”. Fortunately, since it’s been a year since she’s finished the radiation treatment, we can now stop the herb blend that was supposed to help with healing after removing the tumor so I’m really just swapping one herb blend for the other.

Anyway, back to the point of this post … the little brat is apparently also bored. Last night I heard her chewing on something and went to investigate. She’d gotten hold of some silk flowers I had set aside for a craft project I’ve not yet gotten to (I think hubby may have knocked some of them over when passing) and was busy pulling the flowers off the stem! Fortunately she wasn’t actually chewing them up, just pulling them off. Regardless, mama was not happy!

I’m glad she’s feeling better (near normal close as I can tell) and am hoping that she’ll be mostly mobile on her own by the time we head out for our vacation. We’re not heading out for another month so there’s a good chance she can be getting up on her own by then. I get that the semi-destructive behavior is because she’s bored and frustrated, but man I wish she’d find some other way to express herself.

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