My very old betta finally passed the other night. He hasn’t been doing well the last few months and I was a little relieved that he finally went peacefully. He was a cool little fish when he was younger and I’ve been missing the interaction with him.

So I stopped at the fish shop on the way home from work last night and rescued another of the little guys from being stuck in those little bowls (I know they live in puddles in the wild, but I can’t stand seeing them stuck in those tiny bowls). He wasn’t happy about me trying to get pictures (I think the rangefinder on my camera freaked him out a little) so the quality isn’t that great, but here he is …

My Betta Buddy

I’ve never seen an all white betta before (neither had the shop owner) and he was the first one to rush to the side of his bowl when I walked over. πŸ™‚

His new “home” is a 5 gallon cube tank with live plants, driftwood, and snails and a wood shrimp for company:

The New Tank

I love this tank … the top piece (the plants in there are fake) is a small water fountain that flows over the sides and into the tank. I tried to get a shot of that feature, but it’s hard to see. If you look in center, just to the left of the rightmost sprig of “leaves” sticking up, you can sort of see the water flowing up from the center of the “flower”:

It’s a Fountain Too!

I’ve only had this tank for about 4 or 5 months so time will tell if the LED lights under the fountain section will support plant growth, but so far they seem to be doing OK. The Marimo balls and miniature anubias don’t need much (and probably do just fine with the light coming in from the skylights in the kitchen) but the cryptocoryne likes more light than I think this puts out. I had another miniature anubia in the center planter, but it somehow came loose and I need to wait until I do a water change to replant it.

What Fish Wouldn’t Like This?

So back to the new betta … he spent several hours last night wandering around and checking out everything in the tank. Including his reflection. I caught him trying to “attack” that “other fish” in the glass. They all do this but I still get a kick out of it.

Silly Fish!

After knocking a few of the snails off the sides of the tank (I’m not sure why, but every betta I’ve had does this) he wandered around the back to check out the Mopani driftwood. See him there, just to the left of center between the plants?

Checking Out the New Digs

He seems to be settling in nicely. This morning he’s swimming around and will come to the side of the tank to visit whoever walks up. It’s nice to have an active, friendly little fish to greet you when you come in the room. πŸ™‚