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I finally managed to get a chain made up for my newest pendant. Before I show a photo though, there is a bit of a story behind this piece.

My best friend and soul sister, Fox at Journey of a Wild Spirit has been working with silver for almost a year now. She’s already quite a talented silversmith and has made a number of pieces for me, but my request for this pendant really didn’t fit with silversmithing.

I bought the tourmilated quartz cabochon without having anything in mind to do with it. Once he arrived and I pulled him out of the packaging I knew he needed to be part of a dragon pendant. What was originally in my head was to have a small dragon peeking over the top of the stone with its tail curled around the bottom, like it was clinging to the stone from the back.

I sent the stone to Fox and told her what I had in mind, but to do what she felt was best. She came up with the pendant design fairly quickly, but we were both waffling on how to accomplish it. My original thought was to see if we could get someone to cast it, but due to the size the piece seemed to be demanding, it was cost prohibitive … even for me. The woman Fox talked to about the casting suggested she use precious metal clay and sculpt the pendant.

I’ll admit I thought she was a bit nuts, and I felt a little bad about the whole thing because she wasn’t set up to do the clay work. But she was inspired and decided to take this on … even ended up buying herself a small kiln so she could fire the piece properly. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result. The pendant is perfect and the stone is so happy with his “frame”. Her mention of the pendant in her blog eludes to all the problems she had, but her talent in working with metals and crystals is evident and I’m really glad she was able to do this for me.

I got him back a couple of weeks ago but have been waiting for some time to sit with him to see if he wanted just a simple chain, or maybe something embellished with some other crystals. Turns out some hypersthene beads were called for and I needed to make up some links to work them into the chain. The energy in this necklace is undeniable … even hubby was enthralled with it and he usually just indulges me.

Finally, here is the finished necklace:

Dragon Pendant with Tourmilated Quartz and Hypersthene Beads

Guess I need to see if I can find something to wear tomorrow so I can show him off. πŸ˜€

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