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I have no idea what exactly happened, but poor Cindy managed to end up with one hell of an upset tummy.

Saturday, before we left on our jaunt to the mountains for a picnic, she was coughing and hacking like she had something caught in her throat. She ate a little grass (like most dogs she does this when she’s feeling “icky”) and it seemed to resolve on it’s own in a little bit so I didn’t think anything more of it … until last night.

Before she got her dinner she barfed a little. OK, no biggie. Hubby was nice enough to clean it up and I added some slippery elm and pumpkin to her dinner to help settle her tummy. She pigged out as usual so I figured it was just “one of those things”. Wrong.

I finally gave up and headed to bed around 3am. After four more “accidents”. Coupled with the Saturday incident I was starting to get a little concerned. Hubby told me there was another “accident” by the time he was up and out of the shower. Great.

Called the vet and waited for one of the docs to get back to me. Didn’t happen before I had to leave for work though, so I gave her a little more slippery elm, added some aloe, and managed to get her to eat a couple of spoonfuls with some chicken. After an hour or so she still seemed OK so I headed to work (late) after talking to hubby (who agreed to leave work early and check on her). Once I talked to the doc who called back, we agreed that I didn’t need to bring her in unless she barfed again. Hubby called two hours later to tell me there was more by the time he got home. Wonderful.

So I too left work early, rushed home and took her in. Since Cindy is still non-ambulatory (close, but not yet walking on her own) there really isn’t anything she can get into. And with the coughing episode Saturday, the vet and I were both concerned she somehow managed to swallow something or maybe had something worse going on. So they took x-rays … which didn’t show much, but there was that odd area that didn’t quite look normal. Nice. So we added an ultrasound of the gut and some blood tests to rule out the really bad stuff.

The good news is that there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong other than some fairly severe gastritis. Easily solved with a bland diet and anti-nausea meds for a few days. The bad news is that we got to spend two and a half hours at the vets office (at least it’s a really nice office!) and had our collective pocket book further lightened. Gaah!

At least with the meds she hasn’t barfed since and she was able to eat some dinner and scarfed most of what I gave her. Seven weeks and 2 days to go before vacation … is it too much to ask to not have a sick pup this year? Sheesh

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