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Hubby and I decided that we all (he, I, and the pup) needed a break from the house and “real life”. So we headed up into the local mountains for a picnic Saturday. As much as I complain about living where we do, we are fortunate that we can leave the beach cities and be in the forest at 7000 feet within about 2 hours.

After a minor detour in Pasadena to stop at Church’s to get the fixins (fried chicken, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, honey biscuits, and corn on the cob) we headed up the Angeles Crest Highway and into the forest. I’m really glad we did even though it meant four and a half hours of driving for a one hour lunch … the weather was perfect! It was cool, overcast, and misting here at the coast but about 70 and sunny with a nice breeze at Islip Saddle (our chosen spot to stop).

The Ridgline Through the Trees

While we were chowing down, a group of hikers (that we later figured out were Boy Scouts) came down off the trail nearest us. They hung out for a bit then headed across the road to pick up more of the trail and over the summit at Islip (part of the Pacific Crest Trail). If you look close, you can see some of them on the trail in this picture:

Boy Scouts Hiking the Trail

Cindy initially wasn’t too happy about the group since a number of them were wearing hats. I’m not sure what it is about hats that sets her off, but I’m guessing someone wearing a hat either abused or harassed her before she came to live with us. She started barking at them shortly after they came off the trail and wouldn’t stop (I think she may be more nervous knowing she can’t stand or walk on her own) until one of the the troop leaders came over to chat. After I assured him she really is friendly, he took his hat off and offered a hand to sniff, got a puppy lick in return and all was good. Silly girl.

Watching Dad

So we had a nice lunch (and yes, I shared some with the pup) and wandered around a little looking at the flowers and trees. There was some wild yarrow around the picnic tables along with the cedar, Douglas Fir, and Sugar Pine trees.

Trailhead at the Picnic Spot

It was nice to get out of the city, even for just a little bit. And it’s a little awe inspiring to see how the forest just does its thing … to get to the spot picnicked at we had to drive past the burn areas from the Station fire two years ago. The vegetation is already making a come back though there are a heck of a lot of burned trees up there.

I love the forest and wish I could spend more time there. Even while sitting at a picnic spot next to a decent sized parking lot, it was fairly easy to forget “real life” for a little while.

The Ridgeline and the Road

All things share the same breath – the beast, the tree, the man …
the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports.

Chief Seattle

Cindy seemed to enjoy the outing as much as we did. It’s good to get out and about once in a while. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Whatcha Want Mom?

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