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I recently added a tab at the top of my blog for crystals. That page has some basic info on some of the commonly available stones and a little info on using them. It is my intent to write an occasional post on the specifics of some of the uses listed and this is the first of those posts. (go ahead, check that tab out … this will still be here when you get back) To get things started, I figured I’d get into the simplest uses for crystals … just having them around.

Clusters or Shaped stones:

Just set them out. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I literally have hundreds of crystals all over the house and at work. Occasionally I run into one that doesn’t get along well with others (I have an amethyst sphere that is a total princess … she can’t stand other stones) but most of them seem to be just fine where ever I put them. In addition to the marvelous energies they give off, they’re pleasing to look at.

The only stones I set out at home that have specific “jobs” are the unakite and covelite that I keep in front of any television or computer I will be around. At work I have some obsidian and smoky quartz to help keep the negative crap some of my coworkers bring into the office out of my area.

Tumbled or Raw stones:

The simplest use for smaller stones that are tumbled or raw cut is to just hold or carry them for a while. They can be very helpful if you have a particular issue you’re dealing with or maybe you are looking at a really stressful day. It can be very soothing to just reach into a pocket and rub a stone for a few minutes. I even have a kit that I put together so I can take some of the stones with me when we travel. Sort of a “crystal first aid kit”. It’s come in handy a few times.

If you are into baths (as opposed to showers, I’m not suggesting anyone go without bathing!) you can take a stone in with you (assuming it is a stone that can tolerate water). The water will actually pick up the energy patterns of the stone and amplify it. Use caution though … I once dragged a clear quartz sphere into the tub with me and ended up so amped I was bouncing off the walls for 4 hours! Oooops

If you have any Fae running around the house leaving a few baubles around, including small tumbled stones, can keep them occupied enough to leave your stuff alone. It drives me nuts when stuff goes missing, so I leave a few crystals out just for them in addition to little mirrors and other shiny stuff.

Charm Bags:

I’m not sure what else to call these. Basically one or more small stones are chosen to help with a particular issue and then placed in a small bag. It doesn’t matter what the bag is made of … I’ve used organza, velvet, linen, and cotton. You can then carry the bag with you or place it somewhere appropriate. I have one in my truck for protection from accidents. I put it together after I was rear-ended a number of years ago and haven’t had even a close call since. (that’s no small feat the way the idiots out here drive)

There’s really no wrong way to use crystals. Use your imagination and do whatever comes to you. If it “feels right’ it’s probably exactly what you need to do. πŸ˜‰

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