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This morning one of the groups on Facebook that I belong to posted a link to an article about the spate of ridiculous commercials pushing high-fructose corn sugar that have been airing recently. And while I’m not one to fall for the crap they are pushing in these spots, I found the facts noted in this article even more disturbing than what I was already aware of. 5 Reasons High Fructose Corn Syrup Will Kill You

And I think he’s missed at least one point. I was disappointed he didn’t mention that most of the corn available to consumers (roughly 80% if I remember correctly) has been genetically modified. So in addition to all the problems HFCS can cause, let’s also throw in possible damage to the immune system. I don’t remember where I saw it, may have even been something mentioned during a discussion with my chiropractor, but there have been a couple of studies done that suggest that GMO corn may be causing modifications in the beneficial bacteria that live in our intestinal tract … those little buggers are responsible for proper digestion and are our first line of defense against illness.

Both HFCS and GMO crops are truly scary. It boggles my mind that the folks behind stuff like this are so wrapped up in how much money they can make that they are willing to do so while potentially harming so many people.

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