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OK it took a few days, but I’ve finally got some pictures from the Ren Faire last weekend. I did get a couple of dizzy spells while we were there (my right ear is still plugged up) but at least no more vertigo episodes (though I did get hit with one the next day). All in all, we had fun and went to dinner afterward with darling daughter and her hubby before heading home (though we did change out of our costumes first). πŸ˜€

When you get around the first couple of bends at our Faire, there is the “Maypole Square”. If you time things just right, you can catch one of the two Maypole Dances each day. Well, we got to the Faire in time to catch the second dance and hubby was kind enough to snap a pic for me.

Dancing Around the Maypole

I saw these guys doing a show as we passed by. I guess hubby decided to take a shot of them.

A Couple of Acrobats

As we were meandering around we saw a group of friends dressed as fairies posing for pictures … I had to snap a pic of them!

A Gaggle of Colorful Fairies

When they aren’t doing the Maypole Dance, the square is used for other fun activities. Like these sword-fighting lessons.

Practicing Swordplay

Last year, darling daughter got a handmade mask to wear. She wore hers this year and I had to nab one of my own. πŸ˜€ Daughter is on the left in this pic hubby took.

Fun with Masks!

Our last stop is always the Fairy Lady where we can make our own Fairy Houses or playgrounds. Last year we made playgrounds for our fae friends, and this year we each made a couple of houses for them. Hubby snuck this shot while we were playing with florals and glitter. Darling daughter’s hubby is on the far left and the gal on the right is the Fairy Lady.

Working on our Fairy Houses

This little house had to go in our bedroom near the fountain I have in there.

One of the Fairy Houses I Made

And this one had to go in “my room” with all the crystals and my two discus tanks. The spot this one needed to go didn’t surprise me … I think it looks a bit “watery” with the colors of the mosses and flowers.

The Other Fairy House I Made

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