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Yep, not just a Cindy update, but an update on all of us.

So, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Cindy did have her knee surgery. I talked to the surgeon the following Monday, and apparently they didn’t think to write “No Fentanyl” on her chart and one of the techs placed the patch after the surgery as it’s SOP for them and it was “missing”. She said that she was sure Cindy didn’t get any of the Fentanyl in her system though because it was removed within a few hours and that the patch type takes 12 hours minimum to “melt” enough for the drug to get into the dog’s system. I had seen that elsewhere, so it is more likely than not that it was the hydromorphone Cindy was reacting to. Since both are morphine based drugs, I can’t really argue the point one way or the other.

At any rate, we got past it and after a few days she at least started to believe that we weren’t going to give her any of “the bad stuff” she had last August. It took a few days for the swelling in her leg to go down and another few for the bruising to fade, but when we took her to the regular vet last Friday she was impressed with how good it looked for having had surgery a week prior. It’s late Saturday night (OK, technically it’s early Sunday morning but I don’t count it as morning unless I’ve already been to bed) as I write this. Cindy had the sutures removed Thursday and we went for another acupuncture visit today. Karen (our regular vet) was impressed that she’s already trying to use the leg … she doesn’t put much weight on it yet, but she is moving the leg and putting some weight on the knee. She definitely knows that once the knee heals, she’ll be able to use it again. πŸ˜€

So now we just need to nurse the knee along for the next 8-12 weeks and she should be back to where she was before she tore the ligament. Yay! That will be right about the time we are scheduled to head to Shasta for our summer trip and we’re all looking forward to being able to actually enjoy a summer vacation.

As for hubby and I … the day after we brought Cindy home from the surgery, I was feeling a bit off with a dry cough. I tried convincing myself that I wasn’t going to get sick, but that didn’t work out too well. By the following Sunday, both hubby and I had low-grade fevers and were sneezing our heads off.

We both took most of the following week off and after several rounds of feeling marginally better, only to relapse again, we both ended up with fevers again the following Sunday. Ugh! Between the two of us we went through 10 boxes of Kleenex in just over a week! That same Sunday my right ear plugged up badly enough that I couldn’t hear out of it by Monday morning. We’d already decided a visit to the doc was finally in order, and with my ear I was pretty sure I needed an antibiotic … and sure enough, we both had to take them. 😦

Warning … this next paragraph is not for the squeamish. Skip it if gross stuff gets to you!

I haven’t had an ear infection since I was a little kid and this one was looking to be a doozy. By Tuesday I had fluid running out of it almost constantly. Eeeew! Called the doc and she prescribed a nasal spray with steroids. Lovely. That has helped some as the crud started breaking up within a few hours of the first dose. Still, I’ve been feeling like McGrath in Wild, Wild West. Hell, having a horn to drain shit out of would have been nice. I spent two nights “sleeping” in my recliner to try and keep my head elevated enough that I wouldn’t make things worse. Today was the first day since last Tuesday that I didn’t have any leakage! Pretty sad to get excited over that. LOL

Hubby went back to work Wednesday (well, half of it anyway) and has seemed fine other than the persistent cough he’s still got. I was going to go back Friday but got nailed with a nasty bout of vertigo Thursday night. Still, I was going to try and go in Friday morning … until I realized that turning my head too quickly brought major disorientation. Probably not good to drive with that. So I stayed home again. I’m sick of being sick and staying home. When we went to the chiropractor Friday night I asked if he could do anything for the vertigo … and sure enough he did. My head is still a little spacey and I still get a tad dizzy once in a while but I haven’t had any more vertigo episodes since getting adjusted. Can I get a cheer for the chiro?

Today (Saturday) we had an appointment with the gal who does energy healing for us. We usually go once a month anyway and already had the appointment scheduled so I was glad for the timing. She moved a bunch of energetic crap out of my head and my sinuses were already draining by the time we left. I’m feeling pretty good right now and it had better hold. We were supposed to go to the Ren Faire with darling daughter and her hubby last weekend but had to cancel due to the continuing illness. So we rescheduled for this weekend. Turns out that will probably be for the best all the way around. Not only will it be much cooler (it was in the 80’s there last weekend, I don’t like heat, and we go in costume … it’s supposed to be 65 and cloudy there Sunday!) but the “theme” for this weekend is a celebration for Bacchus, complete with wearing masks and wine tasting. Too much fun! πŸ˜€

So wish for some fun for us my bloggy friends … I’m definitely in need after the last couple of weeks. I’ll try and get some pics posted early next week. πŸ˜‰

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