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Disclaimer … I just need to rant and everyone else (including the pup ) is asleep around here. πŸ˜‰

It doesn’t seem to matter how prepared I am, these Mercury retrograde periods always throw some curve-ball at me. It’s bad enough dealing with all the mechanical crap (computer problems, car oddities, appliances acting weird, what have you). But I can deal with all that a lot better than the communication problems.

I know there are going to be miscommunications during these periods. I generally go to great lengths to be very clear in my words but I throw in some extra effort when Mercury is retrograde just to be safe. I might as well skip it. I still get aggravated when people don’t want to take the time to listen to what I’m saying.

Tonight was just the latest in a string of craziness. I’m trying to get the pup set up for knee surgery so we can get her into a healing mode instead of just putting up with the torn ligament. I really like this particular surgeon … but she can be really intense and doesn’t always slow down enough to listen. Specialists (be they veterinary specialists or doctors for humans, doesn’t matter) are generally a special case when it comes to doctors. On the one hand I’m happy to give them a little extra deference for having the determination to spend more time doing a specialty, but on the other hand I also hold them to a somewhat higher standard because of it.

I know I shouldn’t let this gal get to me. I know she gets into high gear doing what she does, but the not slowing down enough to listen drives me a little bats. We dropped off x-rays our vet took, along with a note from me with some specific questions over the weekend (this is a 24/7 critical care center). I left the note with questions so that 1) I wouldn’t forget everything I wanted to ask and 2) to minimize the amount of time I took from her day. I’d been trying to get a hold of either she or her assistant most of today. I did talk briefly to the assistant a couple of times, but the surgeon was swamped and hadn’t had time to look at the x-rays. No problem … just wanted to make sure they knew which phone number to try and contact me at.

She finally called me back about 10:45pm. A few short pleasantries and then onto business. She says she wants to see Cindy to evaluate her prior to deciding if surgery is needed. Um, her CCL in her left knee is completely blown, pretty sure she needs it. Apparently our vet isn’t qualified to make that determination though. OK, fine. What I don’t want to do is take two half days off work and (more importantly) I don’t want to make more trips with the pup than I have to. It’s takes both hubby and I to get her into the truck … and that’s with a ramp and a sling under her hips. I’m concerned that we could aggravate the knee, or even the right leg, with all the screwing around we need to do to get her situated.

So she suggests coming Tuesday so she can evaluate her, leave her over night to avoid another trip and do the surgery Wednesday. Sorry, no. I’m not leaving her overnight if there isn’t a good reason. Can’t she just do a quick exam Wednesday morning, confirm our vet’s finding, and then do the surgery that day? So she starts telling me that if both knees need to be done that’s a really long surgery. WTF? Wait, why would she need both knees done? “Well there is some swelling in the right knee and hip that’s probably just arthritis …” Yeah, I know that. I tell her that Dr Shane has been treating her for arthritis for over a year and the right side is extra aggravated because it’s the only leg she can use right now, of course it’s irritated. But the left leg is the only one that needs any surgery and that’s the only one we are looking to do. Apparently because x-rays of both knees were taken (to provide comparison I guess) she assumed both knees needed surgical work. ARGH! Once I got through to her that only the one knee needs work she finally agreed to have us come in Wednesday, she can check Cindy out, and they will do the surgery Wednesday afternoon. Sheesh.

I get that these folks are usually dealing with people who don’t inform themselves about medical issues and procedures. And I get that most folks just go along with whatever the doc wants. Sorry, I am not one of those folks. I spend time asking questions and doing research. Surgery is a last resort for me or my pooch. Hell, she went through two surgeries last summer why the hell would I make her go through another unless I was convinced it was absolutely necessary? I know, I probably shouldn’t use logic. Shame on me.

OK … I feel a little better now. Enough I should at least be able to get to sleep. But I’m so done with this retrograde period … Saturday can’t come soon enough.

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