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Well, it’s official. Cindy somehow managed to completely tear through that ligament in her left leg. So much for progress. 😦

I’m guessing she finished it off two weeks ago when she had the problem with no neurological response in either back leg. If she’d moved funny in the middle of the night, she could have torn through the rest of the ligament, and then irritated her right hip (creating all the inflammation that caused the nerves to temporarily cease functioning) trying to reposition herself off the injured leg.

The last couple of vet visits (we’ve been going weekly for her acupuncture to try and help speed the healing) we’ve been more focused on getting the neurological function back, so the vet hadn’t checked the knee in a while. When we were there this past Saturday, I specifically asked her to recheck the knee because Cindy was still dragging the left foot most of the time and I felt like she shouldn’t be. I wasn’t really surprised to hear the news when the doc came back in. Not very happy either.

So now we have to subject Cindy (and our back account!) to yet another surgery. The only other option we have at this point is to have a special brace made for her so she can walk … but that means the likelihood of sores forming from the brace and it’s probably not much less expensive than the surgery will be. At least the surgery option should be permanent. That is, if we can keep her from chasing the cats and squirrels that wander into the yard.

I know some folks probably think I’m a bit nuts. Cindy will be 14 in July. No, I don’t know how much longer she really has, but I do know she isn’t even close to leaving us permanently. I’m not one of those critter moms that has to keep a pet alive no matter what. I’ve had to have plenty of animals put down. I think I must have been 10 or 11 the first time I had to make that decision. I have no problem if the animal is extremely old and has lost the will to live, or is in extreme pain with zero to little chance of recovering their health. That just isn’t the case here. And after having her around for 13 years (we “rescued” Cindy at about 10 months of age), she’s part of the family. Her quality of life is good … she just won’t accept that she’s getting old and can’t do all the things she used to do. Hell, I get that. I’m having that same problem myself. LOL

The only bright spot in all this is that we got our paperwork back from the tax guy this morning. Normally we end up getting a modest refund from the feds and have to pay the state. We’re not sure what’s changed this year (too much to keep up with, hence the tax guy) but we ended up getting a refund from both and it will cover most of the cost of the surgery. Good thing since we’re still paying off the surgeries and radiation treatments from last summer.

Meh … where’s that cave? I need to go hide out for a while …

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