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As I was going through some of my pictures looking for the crafty stuff, I ran across some pictures I have of our house. I thought I’d go ahead and post them “just because”. That, and we didn’t get the riot of daffodils around our magnolia tree this year so the last picture will have to hold me over until next year.

This is a shot my dad took shortly after we bought the house:

Our house shortly after purchase

I agree with the kid … it looks like a rental. LOL

Three or four years after we bought the house we ended up doing a decent remodel and redid the landscaping too:

After the Remodel

I wasn’t trying to go for the “country cottage” look, but that seems to be where I ended up. *shrug*

This last shot is one I took about a year and a half after the remodel was done. I took it solely because I loved all the daffodils around our little tree. 🙂

After the plants grew up

Of course it’s now all overgrown and in sore need of some care. Hubby and I are both too busy to mess with it all so I’m going to need to find someone to take care of it all. I really hate looking for any sort of contractor. sigh

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