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No, this is not an April Fools post. I’ve been thinking about writing something on the subject of surgical enhancement for a while but this just floored me.

A couple of days ago a friend posted on Facebook an article about a woman giving her 8 year old daughter botox injections. WTF? This woman should be evaluated for mental stability. Who in their right mind could possibly think that pumping their kid full of botox to keep her looking “baby faced” is reasonable? You’re going to force your 8 year old to be injected with a paralytic toxin because you want her to be a super model? Her “logic” is mind boggling … “I’m sure people reading this will think I am being irresponsible, but I ensure that I test the Botox and fillers I buy online on myself first.” Really? How about it being irresponsible to risk damage to your child? Why hasn’t someone locked this loon up? Apparently because it’s not illegal. Can you hear me banging my head on the keyboard?

Here in LaLa-land cosmetic surgery and botox use is commonplace … can’t have all those celebs looking too tired or past their prime now can we? But do we really need to advertise this stuff on the television? It’s nuts, I see at least 2 commercials for some clinic or other every day, and we don’t watch that much TV. Most of what we do watch has been recorded so we skip over the commercials, so those 2 per day is likely only a small bit of the total. I can’t help but wonder if the prevalence of cosmetic procedures, and the heavy advertizing of them, has led to mentalities like this woman has.

When did we get to the point where people are so afraid of looking older, let alone getting old, that they are willing to go into debt to get one more facelift? And the botox … it seems like everyone out here wants to do the botox thing. I honestly don’t get it. I just recently turned 48, and while the thought of hitting 50 seems a little ominous to me (come on, it is half a century ya know) it’s really just a number. I don’t feel “old” nor do I “act my age”. Hell, my daughter and I are frequently mistaken for sisters when we are out together. Yeah I’ve got a few wrinkles but they don’t bother me. I earned them so why not wear them proudly? There’s nothing wrong with aging … it’s a natural part of the life cycle.

Whatever happened to age being a sign of wisdom? To elders being respected? Yes, there are still cultures that celebrate their elders but not here in the US. Anyone deemed “old” by our society is viewed as a burden to be pushed out of the way and ignored. I think it is, in part at least, a by-product of our society treating death as an ending. And getting old equals near death in the minds of many. For those of us who are certain that death is not an ending, but just the beginning of a new chapter, getting “old” is just another paragraph in our current chapter. Not to be feared, but celebrated. To be worn like a badge of triumph over all the adversity we faced in our youth.

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