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Our poor pup. I’m not sure what we’re going to do with her.

I mentioned earlier this month that the poor dear partially tore the doggie equivalent of a human’s ACL. We’d been dealing with that OK for the past few weeks, but Thursday night she apparently did something to her right hip in the middle of the night. She was fine at bedtime Thursday, but hubby said she could barely walk on the right leg when he took her out to go pee Friday morning. I didn’t find out how bad it really was until Friday evening when I got home from work. At that point I noticed she wasn’t attempting to move either of her back feet. Needless to say, I was not pleased.

I decided not to deal with an emergency vet clinic, and instead waited until this morning and called our vet. During the exam, Dr Shane said she wasn’t worried too much about the back (one of her concerns, and mine, was that Cindy might have damaged her spine somehow) because there was no pain. At least not until they tried to get Cindy to stand … with no response at all from the back legs. She, much like I, was not at all happy about that and more discussion of possible spinal injuries were had.

So we had x-rays taken and nothing obvious is present. But a damaged disk might not show up, so that’s not a sure thing either. We’re all hoping like crazy that Cindy just pulled something and that the inflammation present in the right hip is just pressing on a nerve bundle. And that taking a steroid for a few weeks will relieve enough pressure that normal function will return to the back legs. Poor baby doesn’t need another surgery, especially not on her back.

So we’ll keep using our sling (best $20 I’ve ever spent it turns out) and helping her to get around and go potty. We’ll see how she’s doing tomorrow after a couple of doses of Prednisone. We’ve got to go back to the vet tomorrow for Cindy’s acupuncture and I’m really hoping the old girl can (mostly) walk in on her own. We’ll still need to use the sling to help her walk due to the torn ligament, but I really want to see her using her legs again. For her, and for me … my back and shoulders aren’t used to lifting an extra 40 pounds several times a day!

I see some extra chiropractor visits in my immediate future …

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