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Yep, I give my pup tea. But she gets hers in the form of gravy. 😉

Those who know me know I love herbs … they are wonderful wholesome goodness. And as it turns out, manufactured substances don’t generally work for me anyway. And for those that do, I end up having to take way too much of them to get them to do their thing. My body is very resistant to the benefits of most medications … but it’s the negative affects I want to avoid (and I’d like to keep my liver healthy too!). On the other hand, herbs work wonderfully and without all the complications. It’s a win-win.

Anyway, for the last several years I’ve been using herbs to help the four-legged kids in the house. I swear that’s one of the reasons our daughter’s cat lived to be almost 20. I’ve been using herbs to help Cindy (our Border Collie mix) with a variety of health problems (getting old sucks) and have an awesome vet who will happily discuss herbal alternatives for her.

One of the things we’ve worked into Cindy’s diet is a gravy for her dinner. But instead of butter and wheat based flour, I use salmon oil and oat flour. Add a little broth and a tea made from whatever herbs she could benefit from and she’s a happy pup. She thinks she getting a treat (though at this point I think she expects it). Between the gravy and the cookies I make to get all the Chinese herbs into her, she’s one spoiled pup. But hey, she’s almost 14. I guess she deserves to be spoiled a bit. 🙂

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