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Today was our “off-Friday”. Hubby and I are both on 9/80 schedules and even though we work for different companies, we have the same Fridays off. But hubby had to work today … bad for him, good for me. So I got at least the morning and most of the afternoon to relax, goof off, and not have to deal with anyone except our dog Cindy.

There are lots of things I should have been doing, but I mostly just vegged and puttered a bit. And poor hubby has to go to work again Saturday. I was planning on sleeping in (whether he was home or not) but I need to take my truck over to the folks I got my shell from because the damn thing has shifted. So I get to get up earlier than I wanted to, and don’t even have anyone to keep me company on my errand. Blech Hopefully they won’t be too busy and I can get back home quickly. Well, not too quickly … I got an email from one of our local crystal shops and they have some neat pieces that just came in. I usually avoid the place for a few reasons (mostly because they are pretty expensive) but I want to at least check these out since I’ll be out and about.

Once all my running around is done, I’m hoping I can be home in time to goof off a bit before getting to the chores … there are so many chores this weekend! And a vet visit on Sunday. We’re having weekly acupuncture sessions for a while. Three weeks ago, Cindy managed to partially tear the cranial cruciate ligament (equivalent to the ACL in a human) in her left rear leg. Between that and her arthritis, we’ve been having to help her get around. “Help” means either hubby or I have to use a sling to keep most of the weight off her back end. She hates it (she’s too stubborn and doesn’t think she needs help) and it’s a pain in the butt for us, but if it gets any worse, surgery would be the only option. So we are doubling up on the acupuncture, have added several new herbs to her gravy, another blend of Chinese herbs to her cookies, and are trying to keep her calm. Yeah, right. Sigh.

On the up side of things, our annual Irish Fair is next weekend and the local Renaissance Faire starts next month. I went ahead and bought/printed tickets for both since there is a discount online … can’t wait for either! I’d been debating getting a new costume for the Ren Faire this year but I think I may have to wait until next year … too many bills right now. At least we’ll be guaranteed a visit with the daughter and her hubby as they will be joining us for both outings. They only live 20 miles from us but between our schedules and theirs we hardly see them.

Alright … this is getting too long and I’m just rambling anyway. And it’s almost 1am and I need to be up by 8 so I think I’ll stop goofing off here and head to bed. *yawn*

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