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Whoa. Um, huh? OK, I think that Fox over at Journey of a Wild Spirit really just wants me to start posting a bit more regularly. Must be, ’cause I certainly haven’t been doing this for long and I certainly don’t deserve it. Ah well, she told me to “suck it up” so I guess I will. πŸ˜›

Yes folks, little ‘ole Fox decided to honor me with an award.

The Stylish Blogger Award!

OK … still trying to figure this out, but maybe I should just suspend logic for a bit and have some fun. So I will. Along with this award there are rules:

1. Supposed to link back to who nominated you.
2. List seven things we might not know about you.
3. Share the β€œlove” and pay it forward by naming six other blogs you enjoy.

Well, I already covered item one in my first paragraph. And if you haven’t visited Fox before, definitely do … she’s such a kind and gentle spirit you can’t help but love her. Yeah, I’m a little biased (deal with it) but when she refers to us being soul sisters, it’s true. I adore the crap out of her and she’s pretty much the reason I’m here. Alright … on to the rest of the fun. πŸ˜€

Seven things you might not know about me. Since most reading this likely don’t know me at all, that’s pretty easy. But I’m guessing you’d rather be told seven things that won’t bore you to death. LOL Let’s see …

1. Though I’ve lived in Southern California most of my life I was born in Phoenix and spent a good portion of my childhood there. My dad still lives there so I do get back to visit occasionally. And no, I don’t miss the weather there.

2. I stay up way too late. I don’t know why. There really isn’t any reason. I just always end up going to bed well after midnight. OK, I get that I’m a “night person”, but this does get a little nuts.

3. I do “guy things” as often a I do “girl things”. Sometimes that’s a really good thing. It helps that I can repair and repaint my own nails since I frequently ruin them using them as tools … who needs a screwdriver when you have nails?

4. I actually wanted to have two children. At least until my daughter was about 6 months old, started crawling, and got into everything! Fortunately sanity prevailed, I realized that I didn’t have the patience needed for one kid let alone two, and if I had more than one child I’d likely end up strangling one of them.

5. I still “play” with stuffed animals. Build-a-Bear is one of my favorite places and I’ve got too many of their bears and even more outfits for them. Yeah, I’m weird.

6. I’m “old school” in a lot of ways. Yeah, I have a computer, cell phone, etc., but I’ve also got a Grandfather clock, Galilean thermometer, and tons of books. I just can’t bring myself to “read” a book from a screen.

7. I enjoy being a eclectic in everything. I help build satellites, and I’m pretty darn good at it if I do say so myself, but I dress like a hippy most days. It’s fun to see the confused looks on the faces of those at work who don’t know me.

And on to the blogs. Since I’m still really new to all this, and don’t have a lot of time to explore the blog-o-sphere, I’m going to liberally interpret “blogs you enjoy” to include four I found today through this award. Yeah, those four have already won the award, but what the heck … no one said I couldn’t. πŸ™‚

1. Brea at Brea’s Air . I found her blog a while back through Fox’s but hadn’t wandered back over recently. From what I can tell, she’s another gentle, lovely spirit and I’d like to get to know her better.

2. Sparrow at Sparrow’s Ramblings. I found her blog through Brea’s and will definitely be reading more as soon as I can.

3. Aimee at A day in the life of my crazy little world. Oh my gods she has such a great sense of humor! I haven’t laughed as hard as I did reading “A Christmas Bone” in a long time.

4. Jamie at The Life of Jamie. Another with an insanely wonderful sense of humor. And another I’ve added a subscription to.

5. Joel at CUUMBAYA. Joel is one of those “men in my life” who I look up to and respect. He’s got an opinion on just about everything, but rarely takes himself seriously.

6. Mongo at Mongo’s Musings. Just because he is hysterically funny. Whenever I really need a good laugh, I can always count on him having posted something insane. (if you do decide to wander over to his “home” be warned … his is definitely rated “R”)

Now that I’ve done my duty (even though I still don’t think I deserve any award) I probably should get my butt off to bed. Nite all!

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