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Sometimes I just want to scream. Or maybe smack someone.

For the last 3 years (gods, has it really been that long?) I’ve been working with a small group of people attempting to influence the design of our new hardware at least enough to get something we can actually put together and test. Now, I’m not a super patient person and I don’t suffer fools well. So when you’ve got a bunch of designers who have no clue how someone (anyone) would put stuff together it gets … well let’s just say it’s been real interesting. Let’s face it … some engineers just aren’t all that practical.

So what do these folks do when we tell them what’s needed? Apparently ignoring us and doing what they want anyway is what’s appropriate. Monday morning I got hit with the latest problem. These folks went and did what they wanted without regard for all our discussions and managed to get the electrical connections we need to make in a particular area on the wrong side of the interface. And when we pushed this issue the response was “well we don’t want to change the engineering and affect the hardware being built so you’ll have to deal with it” … at least that was the gist of it. Really?

This morning two of my cohorts and I sat down with a computer model to see just how bad the situation was and if there even was anything we could do about it. Not only is it bad, it’s so bad we can’t make the connections the way they have them designed. Yep, they’re going to have to go change their engineering anyway, and possibly rework some of the hardware. I’d like to say I feel bad about this, but I don’t. Too many times we’ve had our job made more difficult by these fools, and time after time we over compromise to save their butts. It’s kind of nice to be able to say “Sorry, no can do, you should have listened to us 2 years ago”. No, we didn’t really say it like that, but it’s been tough to not do the “neener-neener” thing today.

That this is just the most recent in a looong line of issues doesn’t help. I really want some hardware to play with. These meetings and “problem solving” sessions (think “solution by committee” … and committees are never productive) are really getting to me. Hardware doesn’t argue or talk back. It doesn’t get pissy because you point out a flaw. It either works or it doesn’t. You can either assemble it or not. If not, it’s someone else’s problem. Maybe I’ll just go find that cave after all … it couldn’t hurt to hide out for a while right?

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