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How on earth do some of these people get a drivers license? Even when they aren’t on their cell phone or looking at a GPS, Southern California drivers are clueless at best, and many are just plain dangerous. What really amazes me though, is that most of them don’t even understand the traffic laws, yet act as if they are completely within their rights to do whatever they want. Really?

One of the more irritating things (at least irritating to me) the twits out here do is changing lanes in the middle of an intersection while turning. We have a lot of intersections where there are 2 left turn lanes, many of which turn onto 3 lane roads. Almost every time I’ve been in the “outside” lane turning left, the guy (or gal) on my left really wants the middle lane after turning but somehow fails to understand that the “inside” turn lane must go into the #1 lane after the turn. And almost every time, they try to swing into my lane, honking at me to move in the process. Um, no. I want the middle lane for a reason and if you wanted over here you should have been in the proper lane. I don’t need to move over to allow you to go where you want, and quite frankly, if you want to try and shove my 5000 pound truck with your tiny sedan, by all means give it a shot. I’ll even call the cops to come rescue you from your own stupidity. Yeah, they really tick me off.

You know, I was talking to hubby today about some of this stuff and I’d be willing to bet that if the cops would start ticketing these jerks, some of the local municipalities could offset some of the budget crunch. I only live about 8 miles from work and every day I see at least 3 individuals who deserve a ticket both on my way to work, and on my way home. So, if there are 6 people breaking traffic laws in a grand total of 30 minutes, on a single route, imagine how many there are in my city alone in a given day. Maybe I should send the city a suggestion. Hmmm ….

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