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It’s been months since I’ve had an opportunity to goof off in the kitchen. Most of the fun in making my herbal products is creating new products.

About a year ago a close friend asked if I could come up with something for some specific skin issues she had. And while I’m not sure what I crafted for her was all we’d hoped for, she does like what I cooked up. And since I’ve been frustrated with moisturizers for years … too many chemicals and very few do even a decent job … I decided to create one for me too. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes not. I hit the mark on my friend’s cream with the first batch. Not so much with what I tried for myself. It took a few iterations, but when I made the most recent batch about a week ago it looks like I’ve finally got the kinks worked out.

In fact, I liked it so much, I decided that it’s worthy of adding to my line of personal care products. And after using it for a week, I’m very pleased with the feel … very light and not greasy at all. Two things I must have in a moisturizer. So I will be sending some out to Shades of Midnight in a few days.

Now if I can just get a few hours to work on the hand lotion …

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