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I finally got some of the pictures from our Shasta trip uploaded and thought I’d share.

The house we rented sits on 5 acres of forested land a little bit north of Mt Shasta city up on a hill in the pass between Mt Shasta and Black Butte. Such a beautiful, peaceful spot!

The house:

Mt Shasta at sunset on the one clear day we had:

A view of Black Butte from the front deck:

The backyard and forest from the back porch:

On that one clear day we were treated to an amazing sight. Not having lived anywhere where it snows regularly, neither hubby nor I had ever seen any thing like it … there were hundreds of ice crystals that had grown on the front porch windows overnight. It was such a beautiful sight!

And finally, I had to include a picture of the pup. She appeared to have a wonderful time as she was in good spirits the entire week. 🙂

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