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I see that the drug companies are starting to push their flu shots early this year.  Out here in Southern California we’ve even got drugstore chains advertising on television … “We’ve got flu shots at reasonable prices so come and get them early!”.  No thanks guys.

Do yourselves a favor and take a pass on flu shots.  Just do a little research and you’ll find some interesting facts: the FDA has recently categorized the flu shots as a Category C drug (meaning that there have not been enough studies to prove that it’s safe for pregnant women and infants); many of the flu shots use Thimerosol as a preservative (Thimerosol contains Mercury) which has been shown to create inflammation in the brain; if the “experts” get the wrong flu strains in the shots, you are more likely to get the flu than without the shots since you’ll be taxing your immune system to fight off the “live” virus you’re injected with.  I won’t even get into some of the crap being proposed in an attempt to force individuals to get these shots.

Last year hubby and I decided to take an Elder Berry supplement through the entire flu season and even though coworkers in both our offices were dropping like flies (including those who got the flu shots) neither of us had even one little sniffle.  Not one.  Elder Berries have been proven to be effective against at least 8 strains of influenza.  Vitamin D is another biggie … there are some current studies that indicate that Vitamin D alone may help the immune system kick the flu virus out.

Hubby and I are definitely repeating our Elder Berry regimen again this year, and we’ll be adding more Vitamin D to the mix, just in case.  😉

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