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When I really began to get more heavily into herbs, using them as medicinals as well as supplements, it occurred to me that I had never really thought about what I was feeding the pets.   What the heck is a “meat by-product” anyway?  When I looked it up, the answer was pretty nauseating.  There are more gruesome explanations, but this blog entry by one of my favorite companies sums it up pretty well:

The Importance of Choosing Safe, Healthy Food for Your Dog.

I no longer feed any of my four-legged kids food from the “name brands”.  My pup gets only food (including kibble) that I would consider eating and she gets medicinal herbals just like hubby and I do … I regularly make her a “gravy” to pour over her dinner that incorporates herbal teas instead of water.   Adding the herbs in her food, along with the Chinese herbs and acupuncture she gets from the vet has made a remarkable difference in her health and attitude.

And while this isn’t an advertisement for them, yes, I buy treats for Cindy from Three Dog Bakery, I like spoiling her just a little and having yummy treats that I can feel good about giving her is a plus. 🙂

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