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Several of us were having a chat over on PJ about how things have seemed a bit chaotic recently and after chatting with my daughter I think part of the problem is that there are 5 planets that are retrograde right now.  With all the craziness going on with the pup I hadn’t had time to talk to others or even notice if things seemed much different than “normal”.  So after she mentioned multiple retrograde planets I went off and did a little research.  Here’s the breakdown of the retrograde planets with some info on each: (days noted are based on UTC times that the planets go retrograde or direct)

Mercury is retrograde 8/20/2010 through 9/12/2010
Issues with communication, travel, and work … mistakes get made, misunderstandings occur, delays happen

Jupiter is retrograde 7/23/2010 through 11/18/2010
Affects optimism, opportunities, education, religion, and philosophy … plans go awry, we question ourselves more, and tend to do more “internal analysis”

Uranus is retrograde 7/10/2010 through 12/10/2010
Uranus affects change, the old transitioning to the new … instability, uneasiness, stubbornness, and rebelliousness abound

Neptune is retrograde 6/3/2010 through 11/9/2010
Affects feelings and intuition … boundaries, imagination, and creativity are lacking and we tend to focus more on what we want than having compassion for others

Pluto is retrograde 4/9/2010 through 9/16/2010
Pluto is the planet of transformation and upheaval … a time of destruction and rebuilding where outside forces or intense situations may be present

Wow … I try to pay attention to stuff like this but it’s just been so insane here at home recently.  Still, this does explain quite a bit about what I’ve been feeling lately.  I definitely need to get back into some sort of balance before more of the deluge hits … I know I need to be getting back to working with herbs and crystals now that the pup is better and I’m pretty sure the Divine has been cutting me some slack with helping Cindy to heal but I’m starting to feel that antsyness that comes right before I get “told” to do more.  sigh

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